ICON Korean Community Management Report (September)

Korean Ver. : http://www.iconkr.com/qna/43988


Report Name:
ICON Korean community management and useful database(ICONkr.com) operation


Reporting Period:
Agust 20 - September 25 (1 month)


Reporting Period:
Report the results of the management of ICON Korean community and database(ICONkr.com)

Main communication channel

-Telegram (Korean official community)
-NAVER blog
-A small meetup (will be held)

Main communication content

-Most of the official and unofficial information of ICON has been written in English (there are few official Korean documents)

-I am the only person in Korea who specializes in sharing ICON’s official news and announcements.

-Deliver new official information

-Explain difficult content easily for understanding

-Correct misunderstandings and rumors

-Enlighten people on ICON governance and the overall system

-Help communication between ICON foundation and community

-All notices / news / technical documents on ICON can be searched in one website. (Easy search by category such as finance/bank, insurance, business, government, etc.)

-The simple answer is possible by answering “You can search any question on iconkr.com.” (Limited to Korean people). This is a very convenient feature and everyone is satisfied with the website.

-Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, this small meetup will be replaced by an event using the ‘ICON Marvelous Gift Card’. This event is scheduled to run on September 28th, 2020 at 12:50pm.

-The ICONkr website, which collects ICON information, can be easily searched with keywords such as ‘ICON Kakaotalk’ and ‘ICX Kakaotalk’ on search portals such as Naver, Daum, and Google.

-A bulletin board called ‘Beginner’ has been created, through which even people who are new to ICON can easily and quickly access information. Now there is a lot of information on ICONkr website, which is too much information for those who are not familiar with cryptocurrency. So, I summarized the key information so that even beginners of cryptocurrency can easily access it.


Project Completion Percentage:
Complete all planned work for this period


Remaining Time to Completion:
I will continue to progress in the next period.


Expected Results for the Next Period:
-An event using ‘ICON Marvelous Gift Card’ will be held. (Scheduled on September 28, 2020)

-I will develop the ‘Beginner’ bulletin board on the website to make it easier for those who are new to cryptocurrency to familiar with ICON.


Materials Proving Progress on the Project: * ICON Foundation and ICONLOOP and P-Reps in Korea can always check my activities. You can check all my activity records on website(iconkr.com), social media, and communities.

( Period: agust 20 - september 25, 2020)

-ICON-related articles written on ICONkr website = 77+

-ICON-related articles written on Coinpan communty = 23

-ICON-related articles written on ICON Naver Blog = 23


-Access statistics of the ICONkr.com website used as ICON database (2020)-


-September, the number of net visitors & page views-

An average of 230 visitors per day


-Although the market is on a downturn, the number of users on the official Kakaotalk channel remains at around 940.


Review Result Comments

Review Result


Review Comments

Thank you for your effort.