ICON Korean Community Management Report (July)

Korean Ver. : http://www.iconkr.com/want/35385


Report Name:
ICON Korean community management and useful database(ICONkr.com) operation


Reporting Period:
June 24 - July 21 (1 month)


Report Description:
Report the results of the management of ICON Korean community and database(ICONkr.com)

Main communication channel
-Telegram (Korean official community)
-NAVER blog

Main communication content
-Most of the official and unofficial information of ICON has been written in English (there are few official Korean documents)
-I am the only person in Korea who specializes in sharing ICON’s official news and announcements.

-Deliver new official information
-Explain difficult content easily for understanding
-Correct misunderstandings and rumors
-Enlighten people on ICON governance and the overall system
-Help communication between ICON foundation and community
-All notices / news / technical documents on ICON can be searched in one website. (Easy search by category such as finance/bank, insurance, business, government, etc.)
-The simple answer is possible by answering “You can search any question on iconkr.com.” (Limited to Korean people). This is a very convenient feature and everyone is satisfied with the website.

  • In order to increase the number of participants in the ICON Community Forum, I held an event that provides chicken&pizza once a week, and encouraged the participation to the community (the atmosphere of the community improved)

  • The website(www.iconkr.com) has been officially registered on Naver (no.1 search engine in Korea) to increase the number of visitors to the website and to be more exposed.


Project Completion Percentage:
-Complete all planned work for this period
-In June, the number of visitors has not exceeded 5,000. I will do my best to increase the number of visitors.


Remaining Time to Completion:
I will continue to progress in the next period.


Expected Results for the Next Period:
-For the frequently asked questions of new people who are not familiar with ICON, I am preparing explanations to make it easy to understand, and will prepare and share more articles. (Targeting new users)


Materials Proving Progress on the Project:
-ICON Foundation and ICONLOOP and P-Reps in Korea can always check my activities. You can check all my activity records on website(www.iconkr.com), social media, and communities.

(Period: June 24, 2020 - July 21, 2020)


-Access statistics of the ICONkr.com website used as ICON database (2020) -

-July, the number of net visitors & page views-

An average of 200 visitors per day


-The number of users of KakaoTalk’s official channel has increased from about 890 to 935

-Through the chicken&pizza event of the ICON Community Forum Korean(https://forum.icon.community/c/kr), I confirmed that the Korean community was enthusiastic and encouraged membership to increase potential community participants. (Until July 31)

-"ICON? ICONLOOP?”, “What is myID?”, “What are the advantages?” These are the most frequently asked questions and are the most misleading part. I have written and shared a clearly organized article about these.


[Frequently Asked Questions] ICON? ICONLOOP?

[Frequently Asked Questions] MyID? Differences and advantages from other DIDs


-I will create a series of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ article so that new users can easily and simply grasp ICON (ICX) and increase the number of new users.

-Starting with a joint meetup of ‘ICON x Chainlink x MakerDao’ to be held on July 30th, I will prepare a small meetup once a month to make users more passionate. (For this small meetup, $100 received as a subsidy will be used / will be conducted in August)



I must say @ICONkr_SimSulKim’s effort and contribution have been so crucial to grow the KR ICON community in the right direction. Without such efforts, the community would have been easily misguided with coin gamblers only focusing on up&down of ICX prices.


크 네이버 검색 최적화까지ㅠㅠㅠ외쳐갓심술~

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Thank you for your continued work on growing the Korean community

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