ICON Korean Community Management Report #1

Report Name:
ICON Korean community management and useful database(ICONkr.com) operation


Reporting Period:
February 26, 2020 - March 25, 2020 (1 month)


Report Description:
Report the results of the management of ICON Korean community and database(ICONkr.com)


*** Main communication channel**
-Telegram (Korean official community)
-NAVER blog


*** Main communication content**
-Deliver new official information
-Explain difficult content easily for understanding
-Correct misunderstandings and rumors
-Enlighten people on ICON governance and the overall system
-Help communication between ICON foundation and community


Project Completion Percentage:
Complete all planned work for this period


Remaining Time to Completion:
I will continue to progress in the next period.


Expected Results for the Next Period:
-During the next period, the number of visitors to the ICONkr.com website will increase by 10% or more compared to the previous period.

-Estimated number of posts on ICON project
ICONkr.com website = 60+
Crypto-related website(Coinpan) = 15+
ICON Naver Blog = 40+



Materials Proving Progress on the Project:
(Period: February 26, 2020 - March 24, 2020)




  • Access statistics of the ICONkr.com website used as ICON database (January to March, 2020) -

-Before (February)-


-After (March)-


-Although the ICX price has decreased, the access rate of the ICONkr.com website has increased, and the page view has continuously increased.

-My activities can be checked by anyone in real time, and all such records remain on the website, social media, and community.

-ICON Foundation, ICONLOOP, and P-Rep in Korea can always check my activities.

-I think it’s my job not only to convey the news of the ICON, but also to clear up negative issues and prevent the spread of rumors. During the recent CGP activity, the ‘Employee Participation Program’ document has been unofficially released in Korea. This led to malicious rumors. I explained this, and prevented misunderstandings from being expanded and affecting the market. I will do my best to make the ICON ecosystem develop positively in the future.


Korean Ver(한국어 버전) : http://www.iconkr.com/want/28340



Great report and great work!

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Kim has been putting in some serious work way before this grant too. Great work! Always been thankful for his help in managing the Korean community.

Great work and thank you for your support in translating some of the updates we post in Korean language, it really helps us a lot to bring part of our news to the non-English speaking community. Keep up the good work!

Great job, Kim! We truly appreciate the time and effort you have spent in managing the ICON’s Korean community. Thanks for the detailed report.