ICON internal subscription(https://ac.iconpro.vip/) scam from whatsapp group

Urgent : ICON internal subscription(https://ac.iconpro.vip/) scam with many users
How to contact ICON official security team to report fraud activity?

Someone has done fraud with me using ICON internal subscription(https://ac.iconpro.vip/) activity.
I want to report this fraud activity to ICON official security team.

Can someone explain the steps to report fraud to ICON official security team ?
This is urgent so that we can protect other users from that fraud activity.

I have invested my money in ICON internal subscription offer and now I am not able to withdraw money.
can someone help me to report it to ICON official security team ?

I don’t know how to contact to ICON official security team.

If someone gives information then we can save many users money from this fraud.

Please ICON official team need to help to all users.