ICON ICO funds & Locked ICX status, plans and info

I’m reaching out to find out more information about the distribution, usage, status and plans for ICO funds a raised by the ICON Foundation and locked ICX funds in an official and detailed manner.

Let me be clear: This is not something I personally feel is warranted. I have seen the progress, development and continued work completed on the public chain and i’m both happy with the progress thus far and confident that there are plenty of developments being completed behind the scenes as well.

However, as a public representative, I feel it is in all of our scope of responsibilities to help maintain the network both at a technical and an informational level. There is also the matter of the community part of which is using this gap in information as a way to attack and FUD the network. Transparency is and should be one of the virtues we hold highest. While I have waning faith that any information will help quell all the “FUD”, the more official information we, as public representatives have to dissuade these discussions, the better.

Ultimately I think this is something that all P-Reps should do in some way, but it’s categorically more important for the ICON foundation as the arbiter of the project and beneficiary of all ICO funds, to provide a somewhat regular update on the topic.

I appreciate the time and consideration on the matter.


Just for reference ICON shared this last year, it only covers ICX though.

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