ICON Hyperhack Hackathon: Report #3

  • Report Name: ICON Hyperhack
  • Reporting Period: 2020.05.20 - 2020.06.20 (30 days).
  • Report Description: Our hackathon officially launched and opened registrations on June 19th just one day ago on Devpost and we currently have 100+ participants signed up on Devpost.
    As we formerly outlined in our last report, in addition to our team’s active efforts for outreach to introduce ICON and the ICON Hyperhack hackathon to several entities, we are also working with Devpost as a partner to promote the hackathon via customized email outreach and starting next week the ICON Hyperhack will be a featured hackathon on the www.devpost.com homepage. We break down the specifics below.
  • Project Completion Percentage: 60%
  • Remaining Time to Completion: 2 months
  • Expected Results for the Next Period: Continued developer outreach and marketing efforts both internally and with external partners. This will continue until the first week of August.
  • Materials Proving Progress on the Project:
  1. Updating of ICON Hyperhack website in both English and Korean. This contains an intro to ICON, an intro to the hackathon, and extensive developer resources. We’ve been continually updating this site to reflect changes including the official Devpost hackathon launch.
  2. Launch of our hackathon and opening of registrations and submissions on June 19th on Devpost.
  3. Creation of hackathon categories in De-fi, Utility, and NFT and/or Gaming.
  4. Full drafting of the rules of the hackathon that include technical submission requirements.
  5. Continued outreach (email, LinkedIn, personal networks) with several individuals (students and developers) and groups to introduce ICON and ICON Hyperhack both globally and in Korea. We’ve been reaching out to entities across Korea, USA, Asia, and Europe. For the next few weeks, we plan to continue follow ups to have them register on Devpost. This is an effort we’ll continue to push actively until the first week of August.
  6. We’ve begun work with Devpost as a partner for the hackathon by opting for their premium package (as opposed to the basic hackathon hosting package we budgeted for in the initial grant application.) As discussed formerly we’re going to be working with them to have targeted customized email outreach to blockchain developers on their platform (1 million developers) that solely promote ICON and ICON Hyperhack and next week we’ll be a featured hackathon on Devpost’s homepage and be featured on Devpost’s newsletters.
  7. Continued growth of our Facebook Page. We’ve currently hit 2500+ likes for our page (a growth of 300% from 800 likes since our last report) through continued targeted ads of people with interest in at least one of the following keywords: cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, ethereum, development, blockchain, hackathon, development, web development, programming. We are continually running the ads, and will continue to push on till the first week of August.

Review of each KPI (Key Performance Indicator) or specific goal/milestone

  1. ICON Hyperhack Website email signups: 130+ on June 19th. On June 19th, we replaced the email signup form on our ICON Hyperhack site with a registration button for our hackathon on Devpost. We had 50+ signups during our last periodic report, and managed to hit 80 additional email signups by June 19th. We will no longer require email signups as we can send out email updates to those who register directly on Devpost but we will continue to update the site to have the site serve as an intro to ICON, ICON Hyperhack, and ICON’s dev resources.
  2. Facebook likes for our ICON Hyperhack Page: currently 2500+.
    This is a growth of 300% in likes since our last periodic report (800+ likes). As our targeted ads solely focus on those with an interest in blockchain/cryptocurrencies/development/hackathon as described above, we believe this is indicative of general interest in our hackathon. We will continue to grow this page through targeted ad campaigns (we are currently running campaigns at this moment).
  3. Devpost sign ups: currently 100+
    It should be noted that it’s been one day since we opened registrations on Devpost on June 19th, and we’ve hit 100 participants in that time. With Devpost’s massive developer base, and our collaborative efforts (with Devpost) to bring more developers to the ICON Hyperhack, we are hoping to push higher numbers in the coming weeks. All our active outreach efforts will be directed towards increasing this KPI to increase the number of participants/developers for the ICON Hyperhack.
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Review Result



The ICON Foundation has confirmed progress and approves the payment of split grants for that report.