ICON Hyperhack Hackathon: Report #2

  • Report Name : ICON Hyperhack
  • Reporting Period : 2020.04.20 - 2020.05.20 (30 days).
  • Report Description : Since our hackathon will launch in June 19th and last till August 19th, we have a full month ahead of us in which we’ve begun and planned a lot of active outreach efforts and initiatives to introduce ICON and the ICON Hyperhack hackathon and direct interested parties to the newly launched ICON Hyperhack website in which they can pre-register for the hackathon and receive updates.
    The site will provide additional info on ICON, the hackathon, and ICON’s developer resources. We break down the specifics of our efforts in this periodic report.
  • Project Completion Percentage : 50%
  • Remaining Time to Completion : 2 months
  • Expected Results for the Next Period : Onboarding of additional judges, continued developer outreach and marketing efforts this will continue until the end of the hackathon duration (August 19th).
  • Materials Proving Progress on the Project :
  1. Launch of ICON Hyperhack website in both English and Korean. This contains an intro to ICON, an intro to the hackathon, and extensive developer resources.

  2. Onboarding of Elise Shin, a former Managing Director at one of the largest global education consulting firms, to help with outreach efforts among American universities.

  3. Outreach (email, LinkedIn, personal networks) with several individuals (students and developers) and groups to introduce ICON and ICON Hyperhack both globally and in Korea.
    We also provide them with circulation materials, and follow up with calls with those who are interested in learning more. This is an effort we’ll continue to push actively until the hackathon ends (August 19th).

  4. Onboarding Sharpn as a technical partner for the hackathon. We’ve integrated their course to the hackathon and they’ll be providing additional technical consulting.

  5. Onboarding Ubik Capital as a sponsor for the hackathon. Ubik Capital has provided us with an additional grant of $9,000 USD. We’ve decided to use the entirety of this grant to directly expand the prize pool from $10,000 USD to $20,000 USD (we’re covering the rest).

  6. Based on feedback from speaking with developers/students, we’ve decided to extend the duration of the hackathon to 2 months to allow more time for participants to build out fully-fledged ICON projects.

  7. We’ll be working with Devpost as a partner. Initially we planned to utilize their basic hackathon package for hosting the hackathon.
    We’re going to be working with them to have targeted customized email outreach to blockchain developers on their platform (1 million developers) that solely promote ICON and ICON Hyperhack. We have high hopes for this because not only has Devpost been the platform of choice for nearly all online blockchain hackathons (including those from Bitcoin, ETH, EOS), but because we’ve looked into the numbers, and this kind of effort has shown a significant boost (+50%) in participants/developers and projects.
    In addition to this, we’ll be featured on Devpost’s newsletters that get sent out every week, and also be a “featured project” on their website.

  8. Launch of our Facebook Page. We’ve currently hit 800+ likes for our page through targeted ads of people with interest in at least one of the following keywords : cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, ethereum, development, blockchain, hackathon, development, web development, programming.

  9. Began the process of updating and publishing ICON articles.

  10. Launch of community survey to receive community input and feedback for our hackathon categories to build ICON’s infrastructure.
    We’ve received over 150+ form responses, in which a lot of them have been of significant quality. People have also followed up with personal direct messages to provide extensions of their answers. Although the giveaway period has ended, we’ll be keeping this form open for a while. So to all ICONists, please feel free to provide more input.

  • Review of each KPI (Key Performance Indicator) or specific goal/milestone
  1. ICON Hyperhack Website email signups: currently 50+.
    We wanted the ICON Hyperhack website to serve as an intro to ICON, ICON Hyperhack, and ICON’s dev resources. We wanted participants to understand the scope and scale of the ICON project, and to convince them that it was worth it to invest time both learning about ICON, and developing on it (by emphasizing the long term benefits we could offer them (ICON Grant, acceleration.) We currently have 50+ people who have subscribed to the ICON Hyperhack site. We are looking to hit at least 150+ with more marketing through social media channels, and active/direct outreach from our team by the time the hackathon launches in June 19th.

  2. Facebook likes for our ICON Hyperhack Page: currently 800+ .
    As our targeted ads solely focus on those with an interest in blockchain/cryptocurrencies/development/hackathon as described above, we believe this is indicative of general interest in our hackathon. We will continue to push out updates of ICON and hackathon through this page. We’ve also prepared circulation materials for Facebook Groups for universities groups and other individuals who are interested, so we believe a lot of hackathon interest will come through traffic on Facebook.

  3. Devpost sign ups: 300+ (expected).
    We believe the bulk of our participants will be Devpost participants , with its massive developer base, a large number of which are already familiar with online blockchain hackathons.
    Because we’ll be working with Devpost on customized targeting/outreach and other marketing initiatives described above, we expect at least 300+ additional participants just from Devpost itself.


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