ICON Grant Proposal _ Social Media Engagement & Growth Accelerator

Dear Team,

I hope this communication finds you well.

Please find enclosed our first grant proposal link which forms part 1 of a multi part marketing engagement campaign. We hope we have covered all necessary aspects to help you formulate your decision.

Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or require additional information.

We look forward to your feedback.



ICON Grant Proposal _ Social Media Engagement & Growth Accelerator

Request for more information

  • We appreciate your offer to drive social media engagement but we hope for you to include more specific deliverables in your proposal. This grant program is focused on direct rewards for direct contributions and we must understand specifically what you will be doing
  • Can you tell us which PR companies you plan on working with so there is no overlap between ICON’s efforts and your efforts?

Dear BongAnHa,

Many thanks for taking the time to go through our proposal; your feedback is appreciated and your clarification questions are reasonable.

During this campaign we want to focus on:

  • Outreach within the crypto community and grow market share. Other projects are actively investing on this side of business and without an equally aggressive approach we risk losing market share, we have noticed since we joined the P-Rep community the general ICX engagement has increased and with this project we intend to grow it further and improve it in quality - as illustrated in our proposal, slide 8.

  • Educate the masses and the less familiar members with the ICON project and slowly on-board them through fact sharing.

  • Engage different communities within the crypto sphere.

  • Allow us to optimize our approach and understand what works best for ICON as part of Campaign Part 1 so we can continuously improve and grow as we reach Part 2 and so on (as explained in our proposal, slide 4)

  • Aim to spend a portion of the budget on outreach out of the crypto community to test this market space, help us understand potential to further optimize our campaign in the future.

This is a 6 months long campaign, we kept our budget to the bare minimum to cover for our partnership cost, advertising etc, we very much so hope this primary campaign to give us great understanding of what works best, exact costs, greater information on ROI etc. However we intend to engage with millions of people throughout the 6 months process (including investors, developers, enthusiasts, remotely interested parties and market watchers…)

In regards to who we will be partnering with, due to NDAs and sensitive contractual engagements we are unable to share this information on a public forum, however I will reach out to you personally to provide you with more information.

I hope the above helps you further understand our campaign. and please do not hesitate to let me know if there are any un-clarities and or further questions.