Golang SDK

Golang is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. It is the language on which the ICON blockchain is built. The ICON SDK will make it easy for Golang developers to build applications that interact with the ICON Blockchain.

At the moment of writing there is only a 4 year old and incomplete “SDK” for Golang, as far as I know. The code of this project is incomplete. It only has the functionality to make calls to the ICON Blockchain. So no ability to create transactions, sign them, send them to the network, load up a wallet using a keystore-file etc.

If a Golang Developer is looking to try out the ICON blockchain, he/she will have to use the do a pretty deep dive into the official Icon-Project Github Repo. This is not ideal.

This is why I am proposing a new Golang SDK, based on the existing Python and Javascript SDK utilities.

When finished, this SDK will have the following functionality:

  • Make calls to the ICON blockchain
  • Create transactions
  • Sign transactions with a wallet / keystore file
  • Send transactions to the ICON blockchain
  • Interact with Smart Contracts
  • etc

A Golang developer will be able to just import the SDK, via the “standard Golang-way”, and start building applications that interact with the ICON blockchain, just like you can with Python or Javascript.

The SDK will come with a readme file that explains how to use it. It will also come with a set of examples that show how to use the SDK. “How to send ICX”, “How to call a smart contract”, etc.

After the SDK is finished it will be publicly available on Github. It will be open source and free to use by anyone.

That’s about as verbose I can get, it’s an SDK…

I am seeking a funding of 4900,- bnUSD for this. I’m happy to answer any questions before submitting the proposal on-chain.