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Hello Community

I have a small grant proposal that will benefit ICON & its users.

Project Description
We have an idea of developing an Ecosystem Website for ICON that will provide a summary & information regarding ICON network projects. The ecosystem Website basically provides deep information regarding the project based on ICON to investors, traders, users, other projects, & partners. There is a perfect example of an Ecosystem Website (https://www.chainlinkecosystem.com/). Here you can find ChainLink provides all information regarding its partners, projects build under them, etc. It saves lots of time.

On the ICON Ecosystem Website, you can find the following information.

  • List of Projects Uses ICON (projects details, token details, website link, social media links, voting/ranking options,
  • List of exchanges that support ICON
  • Token price with chart
  • List of Swaps & bridges that support ICON
  • ICON Grant details & progress
  • ICON governance details


  • Description
  • Header with links
  • Footer with links
  • List of 10 trending projects on the basis of Votes
  • List of top 10 active projects basis of active users/tvl (www.stakingrewards(dot)com/savings/01node/)
  • List of 10 new projects (cards
  • List of summary of projects category wise
  • List of Social media (we will create social media profiles & manage it, for example Sui Ecosystem website has their own Twitter page which is very active(twitter(dot)com/SuiEcosystem))
  • Subscribe option

On each project details like Small Description, Logo, Category, Price, Name, any social media link, and vote count.

Explore projects

  • Display all projects (Grid or List)
  • Ascending/Descending (top side) (token price, marketcap, date added, and name)
  • Filter option (left side) (Status, Category, product, chain, vote, number of users, TVL)

On each project details like Small Description, Logo, Category, Price, Name, any social media link, and vote count.

Project page

  • Banner, Images 3 to 4, Video, Logo, Description
  • Category
  • About
  • Token price, marketcap, cmc rank, top exchanges
  • Links: Website, social media, announcement, other
  • Share on social media option
  • Links to articles
  • Vote
  • Report
  • Suggest edit

Currently, there is a page “https://icon.community/ecosystem/” on the official website that shows a list of projects built or related to the ICON ecosystem but it doesn’t provide any information. It doesn’t even have the list of projects that have participated in grants or launched through grant programs (for example gangstabet, VibraVid, and many more).

It is hard for users to track what is going on at ICON. Having an ecosystem website like Chainlinkecosystem(dot)com will help the whole ICON community.

Roadmap & Grant Milestone Details

  • Timeline: 2-3 months
  • Expense Estimate: $3000
  • Bluehost’s Pro hosting: 167.4 USD per year (including domain)
  • Web Development: 700 to 1000 USD one time
  • Website management: 90 USD per month (1080 per year)
  • Research of ecosystem projects: $700 one time
  • Logo & banner: $50 one time
Project Expenses
Development and Design $1,000
Domain & Hosting $160
Research on Projects $700
Website Management $1,080
TOTAL $2,940

I’d suggest reworking the proposal to extend the icon.community website. Don’t think another web property is needed at the moment since ICON is a fairly small project.


I agree.

The last thing we need is to add another website to the favorite tab. I do believe this could provide some wonderful data for any ICONist.


I agree with @bwhli and @Eric . I personally would like to see this idea reformulated into something that could not only be used for displaying data, but also conducting analytics by exposing a backend dataset. Something like the following:

  • Partner organizations
  • Ongoing projects
  • Popular / regular contributors
  • Grants and funding (from known sources)
  • Possibly some other stuff down the road…

This data could then be displayed on the ICON Ecosystem page The ICON Ecosystem | ICON Community either in addition to or in place of the existing format

I could also see this project being generalizeable and marketable for other public web3 ecosystems. Any sustainable business with ties to the ICON ecosystem would be a value add


Hello everyone thanks for your comments.

The website/webpage The ICON Ecosystem | ICON Community has basic information and it is not even up to date for example some projects and partners are still not added here like ommfinance, exogenesis, Claws_NFT, Orbit_Chain, everstake, etc. I am offering website management in which I will keep the website updated with new projects and information.

The current ecosystem page shows only project name, logo, and website link. Which is not enough when community wants more information. Like if project is active or not, one of ICON ecosystem project “hx57” is inactive but still it is in the list. Ecosystem website will provide all needed information to the developers, users, investors, and whole community.

Conducting analytics is nice suggestion, I have thought of creating social media profile and sharing details regarding ICON and related projects. Can also publish monthly infographic with information like projects performing well basis on users, updates, tvl, marketcap, pricing, partnership, news, etc. but then I have to make changes in milestone.


Hey @wemuse,

Thanks for the proposal, this is Elise from the ICON marketing and communications team! Just a little heads up, our team is already reworking the icon.community website so we will take your feedback into consideration regarding the ecosystem page.

Think it would be a better use of community resources if we focus efforts on one source of information. Please reach out via John and Arosh on Discord if you’d like to schedule a call to discuss further!


Hi @wemuse
Just following up on what Elise mentioned above.

You can find the ICON community on Discord at ICON (Official)
Always up for a chat around the changes you would propose for the community site.


I think the project cost is on the higher side. I developed a whole project for the art community costing $1500.

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Hello, as this thread got updated due to last reply. I went through Icon.community website and it seems it got not much changes and it is same as it was.
I suggest to recheck my proposal.

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You are using already made theme & on wordpress and there is huge difference between site requirements. and we are designing from scratch so there is no comparison.

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Did this ever get funding in the end? I personally think the costs are very reasonable.