ICON Developers Bi-weekly call

Due to the request from fellow community developers, we decided to try bi-weekly ICON developer calls. We tentatively set the date to either next Thursday (5/28) or Friday (5/29). We will limit the call to 1 hour to ensure productive discussions and make sure to keep the discussion around specific agendas and follow up action items.

Through ICON developer calls, we aim to

  1. Bring awareness of individual projects that are being built on ICON, push open sourcing of individual projects, and make libraries of ICON smart contracts

  2. Share tips on building projects on ICON as a community developer

  3. Create a wish list to enhance the development process on ICON and collaborate together on the wish list

  4. make this call into a communication channel with ICON Foundation on the development process

We will share the agenda in advance and people can feel free to add topics they have in mind as well.

Since we have developers from around the world, we have created a doodle sheet to understand what time may work best to accommodate as many people as possible. Please be as flexible as possible in sharing your available time slots as it is hard to match time zones across Europe, Asia, and U.S. https://doodle.com/poll/r6fy2phkeeee2imb

We also created a Telegram channel for this specific purpose: https://t.me/icondevcall


Great initiative! Thank you for setting this up.

Love it, will see you there.

Let me know. I’ll be there. Cheers!

Few points I wanted to mention.

  1. I think we should bifricate the intention between announcements and discussion. I think people will appreciate more frequent short calls to just check in vs long discussions with a bunch of people chiming in.

  2. Screen an agenda. There are times to have breakout room discussions where everyone is chiming in. But these calls should only have a few approved to be presenting material generally kept to less than 5 minutes. This meeting will get painful if it is teams that are just trying to chime in. The shorter the better and then we can stay on the call after for any longer discussion which is optional.

  3. I think the larger intention of this is to get conversations going with everyone in the community and to build a developer image that attracts more people but that will be hard if these meetings turn too long winded. A shorter, to the point discussion that branches off into many other discussions is what is needed. Perhaps we can keep it to 1 announcements / 2 joint initiative updates / 3 people sharing cool code? I honestly think we should just have them be 30 minutes, but then keep the room open for further discussion. If we get the format right, I think it would present well on YouTube. Perhaps one of the marketting teams can edit the video.

  4. I am working on a place to build a joint agenda in the space I created on Notion. I’ll post a link later but the agenda should be a democratized process.

If we structure these meetings right, they should be a highlight reel / gateway into the ecosystem. It is going to suck if these calls are boring. Lets really try to make them well structured.

I agree with these points, and also think that we should branch off to smaller group discussions with specific topics after the general call. Some non-english speakers also voiced their desire to work over text format rather than voice, which should be available as an option as well imo. Ideally, we come up with a goal or collab on a project with specific action items, focus on actual delivery and keep the discussions open and organic. We don’t have a million devs in the ecosystem like Ethereum, resources must be better spent and this call should also achieve this purpose.

For the first meeting, I want to gauge some interests from the teams who wish to work on NFT projects, which we’re pushing to finalize the standard soon on the ICON Network.

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Hello everyone, thanks a lot for showing an interest in ICON Developers Bi-weekly call.

Based on Doodle submissions, we decided to do the first call on 5/28 (Thu) 6:00pm PST.
We will use the following zoom link for the call: https://zoom.us/j/4586178977

Agenda with specific action items is listed on the following Notion page: https://www.notion.so/Agenda-72945ae2d683435ea91d3d480e890df2

I look forward to discussing about these agendas with everyone on the call.