ICON Content Creation - Korea Blockchain Week

Who, what, when, where, why?


Korea Blockchain Week 2022 is the biggest crypto event in South Korea and one of the biggest crypto events in the world. From a content creation perspective, this is the place to be to create content for ICON. We are talking about on-site, expo coverage, community building; content. We are hoping to create 8-12 videos ranging from team introductions, corporate interviews, ICON project features, promo videos and more. We want to take advantage of this event to build awareness for ICON as a community.

Content Creation

Around The ICON Ecosystem

  1. ICONLOOP Promo Video at HQ | ICONLOOP Team
  2. ICONLOOP Promo Video at HQ | BTP Team
  3. Ecosystem Interview | JH Kim, CEO, ICONLOOP
  4. Ecosystem Interview | Min Hwan, Comms Lead, ICONLOOP
  5. Ecosystem Interview | Fez, Eye On Icon
  6. Ecosystem Interview | Robin Wolf, The Iconist
  7. Ecosystem Interview | Havah
  8. Ecosystem Interview | Parameta

Livestream Episode with Eye On ICON

  1. Eye On Icon Livestream at ICONLOOP | Fez & DigitalDave

Korea Blockchain Week 2022

  1. ICON at Korea Blockchain Week 2022
  2. ICON Trivia at KBW 2022

Additional Ideas

  • We have a few more backup ideas in case we have extra time and can manage creating additional content.


We are proposing funding for 8-12 videos that will be recorded on-site in Seoul during the time of Korea Blockchain Week 2022.

  1. Filming and production for the ICONLOOP HQ features will last from Aug 1st till Aug 6th.
  2. Filming related to other ICON Ecosystem projects & Korea Blockchain Week content will be from Aug 7th - Aug 14th.
  • Project Duration: 2 months
  • Production & Filming: Aug 1 - Aug 14th (August, 15 Days)
  • Editing & Deliverables: 1 Month (by end of September)

The objective of this proposal is to increase awareness and brand marketing for ICON. Some of our BTP partners like NEAR Protocol, Algorand, Polkadot and more; have a large presence in on-site content creation. It certainly shows in their subscriber and outreach numbers. We think this very source of content is what ICON is missing. We believe that this is the perfect opportunity for our audiences to see ICON in its developments, its community building and its ecosystem projects first hand.

Funding Request = 12,000 bnUSD

Video Production = 7,150 bnUSD

  • Video Producer Wage
  • Pre-Production
  • Editing & Audio (12 Videos)
  • On-site Gear Rental

Expenses (8/1 - 8/14) = 4,850 bnUSD

  • Airfare
  • Accommodations during production period
  • KBW Expo fees


1 Month - August

  • Filming & Production 8/1 - 8/6
  • Korea Blockchain Week 2022 - 8/7 - 8/14

1 Month - September

  • Editing & Delivery 8/15 - 9/30

My Background

My name is Ben, also known as Kotaro, and I am an independent videographer and video producer based in the states. I’m also the co-founder and creative director for the Studio Mirai NFT Project. I have been in the video production business for the past 4 years. I’ve solo produced projects as well as worked on larger sets with a team. My experience is primarily in the academic, entertainment and tech industries. I’ve produced projects from corporate conference videos, standard interview videos, k-pop dance videos, drink reels, music videos, hackathons, short films and so much more. Not only do I have experience in this field but I’m also extremely passionate about creating within ICON. I can talk hours about Studio Mirai, but today we are talking about ICON’s content creation. The ideal situation is combining my job as a videographer with my passion with ICON. I’ve put together a list of videos in this proposal that we already prepared for or are in the process of finalizing.

I definitely support this proposal! ICON needs more visibility at key events like this. I also think the budget being asked for is reasonable considering you’ll need to be on-site carrying out these interviews and I expect there will need to be a lot of video editing in order to get a clean finished product


Solid proposal imo. Fills an obvious niche, compact project with clear deliverables, not a big budget request, and from a well known ICONist with plenty of applicable experience and passion to make it work.


This is a very welcomed and highly needed project as ICON needs some sort of exposure to the broader cryptocurrency community and this is the perfect opportunity to do just that. Kotaro has a lot of experience and i believe he will do justice with the modest Funding amount he requested. I totally support this!


I voted for this proposal because a YT channel is like a suit: If it’s well made with quality items it comes over as professional and skilled. See what it did for other blockchains. Not funding a proposal that puts ICON out there for more ppl to see would let it remain in mediocrity…


This ticks all the boxes for me. It perfectly fits a key area of improvement for our ecosystem. On top of that, the allocation of the funds is clear and the activities are achievable, yet ambitious.
It’s a very economical proposal considering the added value to the ecosystem.


Very solid proposal. I urge all p-reps to support this


Great proposal! We need more of these type of proposals for ICON! And I don’t think I could name a better fit for leading this type of activity other than Kotaro.


Great proposal! Hope you’ll get it.


solid proposal. hope all preps supports this proposal.

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