ICON Community Grant Program (“ICON CGP”)

This Program is now CLOSED. You can read about it on ICON Community blog post. Starting December 1, 2020, ICON Foundation Grant Program is now open to accept applications.

ICON Community Grant Program

The ICON Community Grant Program (“ICON CGP”) is a centralized program run by the ICON Foundation to fund community projects benefiting the ICON community. This program will operate until the ICON Contribution Proposal System is fully developed and implemented on the ICON Network. Recommended proposal types include, but are not limited to: infrastructure, development, education, marketing, public relations, and community activities.

Operating Procedure

All ICONists can submit their proposals at forum.icon.community. If a grant is awarded, grant recipients will receive their ICX grants periodically based on predetermined milestones for the specific grant. Grant recipients will be required to produce Periodic Reports in order to continue to receive grant funding. If the Periodic Report is showing that the initiative is not meeting expectations, the ICON Foundation has the option to halt continued funding. The submission cycle of the Periodic Report will vary according to each project’s duration.

The details of the Periodic Report should be concise and include: Reporting period, the submission date of the Report, details regarding milestones/accomplishments during the period, materials proving progress on the initiative, and expected results for the next period.

The ICON Foundation will first reach out to Proposers for an initial screening. Proposers will hear back from the ICON Foundation within two weeks of submitting the proposal and will hear back regardless of whether they were approved or rejected. Proposals will be reviewed by the ICON Foundation using the framework outlined below, and the ICON Foundation will provide the Initial Review Result Comments on the proposal.

Results can be: “Approval”, “Reject”, “Partial approval”, “Approval pending on revised conditions”

  • “Partial approval”: Partially approved. Get the rest of funding from other interested P-Reps
  • “Approval pending on revised conditions”: If the party agrees to the revised condition, grants will be funded

Grants recipients who receive the initial review results will respond to the Foundation’s response. If the recipient finally agrees on the outcome of the ICON Foundation, the foundation will provide the Final Review Result Comments.

  • For approved projects, the grants will be funded on a predetermined date at a market price of ICX
  • For partial approved projects, the grants will be funded on a predetermined date at a market price of ICX when the requested funding amount has been met with the support of other P-reps
  • For “approval pending on revised conditions” projects, the grants will be funded on a predetermined date at a market price of ICX when the party agrees to the revised conditions

The review process is conducted via subjective assessments from the ICON Foundation, but the proposer may request one reassessment after the review process is over.

Below is a flowchart for the program’s operating procedures:

Proposal Review Framework

  1. Proposal Overview
    • Does this benefit the ICON Network and/or community?
    • Does the proposal provide enough information?
    • Are there any risks for ICON community of this proposal?
    • Is there overlap between this proposal and other initiatives?
  2. Feasibility
    • Is the roadmap reasonable?
    • Do the team members have a relevant background?
  3. Public Good and Transparency
    • Does the project fairly justify its budget?
    • Are the deliverables and milestones verifiable and tangible?

Recommended Proposal Format

  1. Title
  2. Project Category
    • Infrastructure
      • for supporting the underlying code base of the blockchain - Infrastructure supporting tools, bug patches, node maintenance tools, etc.
    • Development
      • Developer support and product ideas - wallets, block explorers, dapps, developer documentation, etc.
    • Community Activities
      • Ambassador activities, public relations, meetups, educational content and activities, and web community development and management
  3. Project Description
  4. Project Duration (Maximum of 6 months)
  5. Project Milestones
  6. Funding Amount Requested
    • Grant will be paid by ICX; however, it must be submitted on a US dollar basis
  7. Official Team Name
  8. Team Contact Information (e.g. e-email, telegram id, social media)
  9. Public Address (To receive the grant)

Great, finally an official grants program by the foundation, just a few questions though

  1. Is PRep exclusive from this program ?
  2. How long this program will run for, as well as total funding budget ?
  3. Could you give a hint of reasonable funding range and timeframes
    For instance: 12.000$ worth of ICX and to be delivered in 3 months with 3 milestones.

Thank ICON team.

Nice initiative here! Very detailed and will be helpful for the project. I too, would like to see is there an expected range (for cost and time)

Hello, duyyudus!

  1. All ICONists can submit their own proposals.
  2. The duration of projects is up to 6 months.
  3. We want to give the most autonomy to proposals, but we want a reasonable proposal based on direct labor costs and overhead costs. Please make reasonable costs from the bottom-up approach.
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Hello, thanks for your attention! Please check the reply above.

Is the amount of concurrently running grants per team limited?

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@ICON_ADMIN sorry I forgot to ask, when will this program start officially ?, right now ?
Thank you.

There is no limit so far. However, the larger the amount of ICX required, the more conservative we will approach.

Yes! It started already!

What’s the total budget for these grants? Are you only looking to redistribute your P-Rep rewards or are these also accessing ICO and ICA money?

If it is necessary we will support as much as possible. This could include ICA money.

FEB 19, '20 Policy Updates

  • The funding amount requested must be submitted on a US dollar basis

FEB 28, '20 Operating Procedure Updates

  • 2 result options is added: “Partial approval” and “Approval pending on revised conditions”
  • Final Review stage is added with operating procedures flowchart

How can we see good proposals that uploaded up to now?

you can find all grant proposals here - https://forum.icon.community/c/g/31

This Program is now CLOSED. You can read about it on ICON Community blog post. Starting December 1, 2020, ICON Foundation Grant Program is now open to accept applications.