ICON and LUNA comparison

LUNA price value started way lower than ICX. ICX has been around for longer in the market. Both started off same ground around same time. But do you guys ever look at what happened to LUNA?

Look at Do, look at their delivery and execution, the speed of it, the innovation and product market fit, the interest it garnered, the community bond it built. Luna is a beast.

Meanwhile ICX is slow to ship. Have been talking about DeFi dApps since last year, execution and delivery is lacklustre. Right now still only people betting around on IconBet.

Then I realize what’s the issue. We don’t have enough talented developers and smart people building on ICON. We need speed, delivery and execution.

And where is ICONLOOP all along? They said they will work on ICON blockchain and all, but at the moment only 1 covid tracker, some broof thing. Both of which generates neglibile transactions on the network. Then what else are they doing or working on that would really help ICON?

ICON is the same as it is today and 6 months ago, in terms of dapps launch and fundamental developments. What have we built? What value have we generated?

Are there any plans to be more aggressive in your delivery? I suggest learning a couple of thing or two from LUNA. They are an exmplar to follow ICON. Time to up your game.

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I don’t think that Luna itself is good because Luna has a good concept, so the price has risen a lot. So it’s not strange when Luna fails (especially in the bear market). Of course, I also think there must be a concept in which the price of the icon is bound to increase. The price increase is in itself a tremendous PR.

And icon has a short Staking off period.
Luna, Polkadot, and Cosmos are long. So, I think a separate driving force is needed for the price increase structure.

Metanics’ metx token structure is excellent, and Blue Whale’s staking and buyback system is also excellent.

But, From April to July, many hot dapps are released on icon and icon2.0 upgrades are also available. So I look forward to it.

There is also such a method.

  1. Reduce overall staking interest rates to reduce inflation.
  2. Set a self-staking off period and allow you to staking.
    The interest rate is adjusted differently for at least 7 days and up to 30 days.

Also icon actually been through a bear market which means icon is here to stay