ICON analytics update!

Hi all!

I’m Richard from the Insight team, and I’ve been leading our work on the analytics project. I just wanted to post a quick update about the ETL tool we’ve been working on ahead of the developer call this week.

We’ll be giving a brief demo of the tool, both as a CLI exporter and how you can manipulate the data once it’s been loaded into a SQL DB. You can see the slides for the demo here.

If you have any questions either before our after our demo, either post a comment here on the post, or send us a message on Telegram (Richard: @shinyfoil; Rob: @robcio)

For information, I’d suggest taking a look at Aegis, which does something similar (but not maintained anymore), but more importantly, Chainalytic, which is much faster than reading blocks through a HTTP provider as it reads directly from leveldb with plyvel. @duyyudus