following the approval of the grants with the topic above, the Icon Africa Team went to work, a total of 4 meetups events was held across Nigeria and Ghana, it is also important to note that the icon team only funded 3 events, the summary reports of the events where all posted on icon Africa medium channel and also twitter ,these served as a boost to the twitter handle and community in general

During this period also the team organised and successfully hosted an AMA session on binance Nigeria and scott smiley was also available to take questions.

the events were a success and have increased both awareness about the project in Africa, all this activities also led to a significant increase of icon Africa twitter channel
the events recorded a combined total of 112 attendants /participants
The twitter channel recorded an increase of over 200% from 48- 142 followers
The team was able to get an additional 5 volunteers to join to boost the strength of the team in the areas of content creations, designs and distribution ,research analyst and event planner/organizer.
we also look forward to working more and seeing some more activities in the African continent

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