Icon-4-Business: Tokenized Gift Certificates For Small Businesses

Tokenized gift certificates for small businesses.

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In addition to being an advocate and supportor of Icon, I am also a small business owner. We want to digitize gift certificates and rewards on Icon for small businesses. During the Icon’s Got Talent event a nominee came forward with this app here. I was immediately interested in the possibilities and as the co-owner of a 70 year old business in Chattanooga, I decided to tokenize our future. So we made the BEA token on the ICON network. It would be amazing to let all small businesses issue their own store/business tokens on ICON. Giving value to the their customers and traffic and usage to the network!

In short we propose to make a similar service as the Tokenized candidate on Icon’s Got Talent and ideally work with the author ( I’ve reached out many times to them), and democratize small business with the power, convenience and accountability of ICON.

Current state is that we are running a sub -Prep and have registered tokenup. io. (intentional)

We need help developing the service! It could revolutionize a huge industry in the United States and give the power of commerce back to small business owners left out of increasingly complex and corporate behemoths.

If we can get just a token of support and a first round we need to hire a developer. I am not a developer but the technology is ready and should be fairly easy to implement.

We need a front facing website where a business owner can use the service and issue their tokens and and online store where they can offer their gift certificates and discounts to the their customers through Facebook, other social media, and in in store QR codes that point to their store.

For example: Gateway Golf could issue discounted rounds of golf tokens or 10% less for a round of gold token and name it GGC. Tokenup would have the coin and contract created and issue the token and provide a store much like my very own proof on concept does for my own small business.

I want to bring ICON to small business and open doors of real adoption, and I need help.
Any funds will be used immediately to hire a developer to get our service running.

Project Duration
6 months from acceptance of grant proposal.
Funding Amount Requested
In-House Funding $2,000
Project Milestones (Month 1-3)
Hire a development team.
Get our token service up and running on a front facing website pointing to tokenup. io and begin issuing tokens to small businesses.
**Milestone-2 (Month 3)
Host businesses tokens on an online store, with Visa and Credit Card payment where tokens are sent to customers wallets when they purchase the tokenized gift certificates or where customers can purchase said business tokens and send their loved ones an email whereby that person receives instructions on how to get their tokenized gift certificates.

Official Team Name:
Team Contact:
@infinteloopinf (twitter)

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Here is our working proof of concept.

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I remember being excited about the proposal 6 months ago. I truly think that with the right people behind the product that it can distrupt the entertainment industry specifically, but also business. I would have loved to invest in Pewdiepie 2012 and enjoyed interest until this day and ahead. There’s challanges ahead for sure (especially the regulatory burden), but it’s an unique opportunity regardless.

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Yes. It’s very interesting and I hope we can implement it. Would be great for the ecosystem, and I’m not so certain in a regulatory sense that it can’t be done immediately. Basically the tokens have zero value in the contract, but the service does. It’s just like how a business issues gift certificates.

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I like this idea. Our team had discussed similar aspects a while back. This definitely has some legs to run and should be explored.


Hello ICON-4-Business, I think this is a wonderful idea and you have my unwavering support. If you need any help please feel free to shoot me a message. Amazing concept and I think this can definitely be achieved with the proper allocation of resources/funds! Cheers.



Just a suggestion, main preps can offer grants to sub-preps. Since you are both interested why not use the current rewards already given out to make this happen. Work together and grow Icon!


This is a brilliant proposition. Ubik can fund alone this whole project only by investing their weekly reward.


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Even though the idea is great and very interesting, but we would like to see more details about the business plan and development plan. Please do some research on potential users/target market. We want to make sure that you have small businesses interested and ready to use the service before providing a grant for development. Also, please talk to a developer P-Rep and provide more details on the technical architecture and more accurate estimated cost. Then, re-apply after doing more research. Thanks.

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While I appreciate it, we seem to have a chicken or an egg dilemma here. I have already tokenized my families small business as listed above. I was really hoping to see more positive feedback from the Foundation on this. I used an Icon app to produce our token and thought it would be wonderful to let other businesses have this wonderful gift of technology. How can businesses build their token on Icon if there isn’t a service to let them do so? In my case I chose to put our business on Icon through the Dapp that was active on Icon and is still listed as a Dapp on this very site. I appreciate TYFICON for letting us issue a token. If you guys want Icon in particular to work in the real non-technical world then it would be simple to use that Dapp and have customizable wallets for small businesses have their customers use.

Potential users are anyone that wants to save some money by using a token they buy on the businesses online store and any business that wants to generate revenue almost instantly from the sale of said tokenized gift certificate. It can be a car wash or a cinema or a restaurant or any business in between that wants to generate revenue, and not have to pay a fortune for their gift cards (IE VISA) to be put on store shelves, which the store such as Target or The Dollar Store also charges for shelf space.

I am sorry but I think the potential is huge. How will we know if we don’t try? I was hoping that some of you who know the Dapp creator could get us together so we could work together, and I was also hoping that you all would see that most small businesses can’t afford to have Visa-like gift cards made and placed in stores but they can do this instead.