ICON 1.0 to 2.0 - Will there be any changes made to the iOS SDK?

Will ICON 2.0 introduce any changes to the iOS swift SDK?


What does that mean?

Just wondering if a transition from the blockchain architecture from ICON 1.0 to 2.0 will have any effect on iOS Developers leveraging the SDK. Simple Question with respect to wallet creation, sending, receiving crypto, etc… and any additional features if there are any surprises.

Since ICON 2.0 will be released soon Im just taking this into account for development time if there were to be made any significant changes.

Regarding the basic operations (wallet creation, transaction sending, getting blocks, …), nothing will be changed. You should be able to use your dapp as it is on ICON 2.0. ICON 2.0 is backward-compatible regarding the JSON RPC APIs that the iOS SDK interacts with.

If you want to make sure if your dapp is working on ICON 2.0, please test on the Gangnam network. Recently, ICONation team has published a good tutorial of how to test with Gangnam network.

The second link contains the endpoint and nid information of Gangnam network.


Test the Dapps!!!

Fantastic, much appreciated - thank you

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Does it matter if I upgrade from docker images iconloop/prep-node:2020.11.13 to iconloop/prep-node:latest?

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