I suggest ideas such as nft card games to iconbet

1.nft card strategy game.

At least 30 cards are required to fight.
There are four card tiers: Normal, Rare, Heroic, and Legendary.
The number of same cards is limited per tier.
Normal to Rare = 3 pieces
Hero = 2 pieces
Legend 1

There are 4 types of cards among the Normal~Legendary levels.
Cards are hero cards, magic cards, trap cards and lightning cards.
Lightning cards are limited to 1 card.

ex) 1. Hero card = Attack 1000, Defense 1200
2. Magic Card = Can only be used for my turn, but it is activated immediately
3. Trap Card = Set face down on the field and use it from the next turn.
4. Lightning card = Can be used at any time in hand (ex opponent magic or trap card activation invalid)

You can draw nft cards by race, but the cards that come out are random.
ex) Race or concept deck
-Dragons, wizards, warriors, elves, dwarves, gambling, etc.

Each one has their own health, not a card, and loses when this life is exhausted. (If there is an opponent’s hero card on the field, you cannot attack directly.)

This game is also available 1:1 or 2:2 (for team battles, voice chat is possible).

We provide the game and, as a moderator, we only get commissions from winners. 5% of winnings

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Basically, iconbet provides all normal cards and 2 rare cards each . The rest of the cards must be drawn by purchasing icx.
This can be exchanged for 4 cards of the same level by selecting 1 card of the same level.

I think this game will do more than just ico.
(both icx and tap tokens)
This is because people will have to constantly purchase new cards every cycle. People who like these games and those who are confident in their skills will be enthusiastic.

I really want an NFT trading game on the ICON blockchain, but it need exhaustive study, design and very thought-out game mechanics. I think its great that you have suggested it, and id love someone to pick this up and run with it but before any grant can be made available i think it needs a lot more thought and design documentation first.


I don’t even see it with cps fund. What I didn’t see is a full-fledge NFT trading card/asset game. My reasoning is when it’s become a real game and go outside a basic browser. The cost of development significantly increase.The majority of blockchain games have this issue where already non-existing game model/market forced in as a blockchain game because that’s what they can achieve under their budget. Examples of this category just live up with the hype and die down eventually in the short spawn of time.

I know it’s difficult. I think it can’t be helped if it’s technically impossible.
But if possible, I would like someone to try it. Since I am an ordinary person, I can only provide these ideas.

If you don’t have enough funds, it’s a good idea to get support from investors (There is a separate article I wrote about this.)
If you are worried about your investment funds
After fundraising, you can proceed with development.

This nft game is the difference between the picture, sound, and effects of the card.
The cards we paid and drew should look different.
More than a hero card must have a different shape even if it has the same ability. Not to mention the legend.

And it is also possible to create a skin market that can apply skins to those with a hero class or higher.( There should not be the same skin)

In fact, there are a lot of skin markets in online games, and there are quite a lot of profits.

There are also common card games on the market, but the point is to play with money.