I suggest Constitutional provisions essential to Icon2.0

You probably know it all, but… I’ll write it down.

  1. P-rep node rewards must not be given to voters.
  2. Although p-rep’s net operating profit compensation excluding node compensation can be given to voters, the ratio is set by the constitution and a part of it is incinerated.
  3. If P-rep and candidate operate an exchange, the icx unstaking period must be the same as that of the wallet.( This is a personal idea, but there must be an unstake period)

When staking at an exchange, I think the exchange voting rate should also be determined by the constitution.

Hi Yeol - we discussed at length in many other threads and it seems the consensus decision is not to enforce off-chain rules/constitution. Making these rules will only cause more issues, as there will need to be investigations, trials etc. to disqualify and punish teams that don’t follow the rules. I think it would be very bad for ICON and ICX price, if, for example, Binance broke these rules then other P-Reps kicked their node off the network. Rules should be set into the protocol using code and objective policies. That is why we have things like the bond requirement. If you don’t want teams to share money with voters, then the best way to do that is to make it less profitable to share rewards.


You are right.
I would like Bellik to set an unstake period of about 1 day like Binance himself.