I present the solution for our marketing

I watched the video of Orbit and Scott.
Scott is too caring and humble. We have to survive in the startup industry. Please boldly show off the icon.
Compare to the mentioned ada and polkadot, show off.
Even those who have learned invest by rumors without studying.
People don’t understand well without comparison or contrast.
I am not telling you to lie.
Proudly show off the truth

And,Please tell me the possibilities of the icon

For example, Ripple is only a remittance coin. In nominal terms,In the past the market cap was over 50 trillion.

We have a bridge. When developing Bridge Pay (linked to overseas banks) and Korean stable coin (linked to Korean banks) — After explanation. “I’m sorry Ripple, we take your business away” and promote DApps you can do with Bridge Pay

This should not be done by YouTubers or individuals. This must be the CEO or developer.

Please do this often. When something comes to mind or has good news
In particular, bridge and icon2.0 must be done.

Youtuber or individual is just a supporter. First of all, the foundation and developers must actively step forward.
Hiring YouTubers and individuals without this is not efficient.

Show me this on the air
There are many people who believe and love icon. These people cheer for you.


This is awesome! Can you make a reddit post with exactly this?

Sorry. I’ve never used Reddit and don’t like being in front of people. (Individual investor)

Agree to the fact that foundation and developers must actively step forward.

The tokens I realised that are doing extremely well in this space are leaders who are hyperactive in engaging the community + a very strong community supporting one another and posting. A poll done by LunaCrush has shown that there is a very STRONG CORRELATION between Social metrics and community engagement with the token price. (*Not trying to promote pump/dump shillers marketing without any fundamentals) But look at the very solid projects that are in the right direction below:

Binance (CZ), LUNA (Doqwon), Chainlink (Segarvz), Zilliqa (Active community + Armit & Hanwen) to name a few.

And let’s look at the bad examples of those who have solid projects solid fundamentals but leaders are inactive. Kyber Network (Loi), OmiseGO (Vanassa) quietly building, no communication, no one even knows the token exist though they have the tech. But token price no movement.

The primary difference i notice between crypto projects is there are one side using the waterfall approach and the other the agile approach. One stay quiet for months and months and release announcements after EVERYTHIN is ready. (This is ICON). But in the process of doing so, they have lost many followers that move on to the other projects that ar more “happening” to speak.

Another side is the agile approach. They are very active, keep on teasing, shipping, releasing product along the way, prototypes, collect feedback, engage the community to improverise on a feedback loop. (This is LUNA). I am hoping that ICON belong to the 2nd category of adopting an agile approach. Let’s see!

I am sure the founders/leaders will come forward actively when the product is ready to ship. When ICON 2.0 is ready, when DeFi is ready. HOLD ON GUYS!!! We will make it!!


@minhx would you mind commenting on this?

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First of all, I’m sorry to say something similar again.
But in reality, marketing is the most important.

I think we know that the coins in the top 10 market cap are in popularity, not technology.

In fact, even if the developer rarely develops, the reality is that the price rises ridiculously just by marketing.

I know an honest and hard working team.But the market cap is too low. ex)status, icon

Still, the status is fine. Ethereum will boost status, and status will be a container that gathers the ecosystem of Ethereum.
But we are not.

In comics, heroes win, but in reality, villains often win.

Nevertheless, the reason why I can’t leave the icon is that I, too, seem to have a similar tendency to yours.

If you think that the public will know if you develop hard and give out something new, you may be ruined. The worldwide market is a scam. The public has little or no information.
No matter how good the technology is, if marketing fails, there is no one to use. We have technology!

Does icon have a CEO or representative to actively market?

If not, a Binance Node registered as a p-rep candidate seems to be suitable.

Marketing in partnership with a trader who knows how to watch the charts will be more effective.

Thanks for the feedback, will consider all of this going forward! As mentioned in a previous thread, we are actively looking for a developer evangelist type lead but this type of hire is very important, so the hiring process will not be taken lightly.

You should also expect to see myself and many core contributors to ICON actively promoting our products and their differentiating factors.

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