I am having trouble on score helloworld

I am using windows 10, docker to access.

“SCORE has been successfully deployed. We will invoke hello method from CLI and see the result. You need to create a call.json file that contains the request message. to is the SCORE address, from is the message sender’s address. Don’t forget to provide the actual SCORE address, the one you got after deploy. For the complete json message format, please refer to ICON JSON-RPC API v3 specification.”

I am fine until this part. I can not fine the command to create and write the call.json file. can you help me please?


The ICON JSON RPC API v3 documentation specifies the format of these .json files, such like that : https://www.icondev.io/docs/icon-json-rpc-v3#example-9

Here are some examples of json files for an existing project :

hallo thank you for link.

i am having trouble creating the actual json file in docker. is there command to create json file?

I find it, using cat >call.json. not sure if right way but work

I suggest creating a shared folder with your Windows host, so you can edit all your project files as usual :

thank you. i will try too