How will Icon attract people?

Icon has been neglecting marketing to attract people without realizing it is a waste of time. I love Icon very much. So I don’t even look at other altcoins. Many ants will be like me.

Everyone knows that BTP is optimistic. I am optimistic too. But this cannot be the main.
If you have something to come to Icon and enjoy, then BTP will be truly effective. However, at present, Icon has few dApps to enjoy. Iconbet is the most competitive dApp that can consistently attract people to Icon. Gambling is very addictive. Betting games are really fun. There are good defi, but there are too many good defi for other blockchains.

But besides poker and sportsbooks, we need new games that cannot be played in online casinos. Differentiation that can be done with blockchain is necessary. The combination of blockchain and nft seems to be able to create interesting confrontation games and betting games. However, manpower and funds are insufficient.

I believe that other DApps such as defi will also grow significantly if Iconbet is nurtured.

If you have another good way, please write