How to unfreeze my ICX Coin from the old Blockchain? Please Help

Hi guys,

I had some ICX coins in my exodus wallet. ICON-Team did an update for the icon blockchain. Now When I open the exodus. I can not see my assets because they are freezed in the old icx-blockchain. I talk several times to exodus. they told, the problem is not in the exodus wallet. the icx team should unfreeze my coins from the old to the new one. I tried to contact the ICX-Team, email etc. no answer. I Hope you can help me. waiting for your answer thank you in advance

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It is still possible to swap your old
ERC-20 ICX to mainnet ICX coins. Follow this guide and ICON will swap for you. If you have any questions we’re here to help!

:warning: Please stay vigilant! Scammers can message you and pretend to be an admin/from ICON. Never give your private keys to anyone. Never send crypto to them.