How to join an existing initiative or create new project

I’m new here and I’m trying to see how I can contribute to development. I see some projects out there, can I contribute to those? Or can I just create a new theme, and develop new tools/projects on my own?

Thanks all!

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Hi @figambler and welcome to the forum.

The ICON project is a decentralized blockchain project and everyone is free to participate in it, there are several ways you can be part of the ICON ecosystem and they will depend on several factors.

You could become a P-Rep and promote your projects or ideas to the community so that they will vote for your P-Rep node and then you will have rewards that you can use to fund your projects, this is a path that needs the engagement of the ICONist to vote for you and could be very lengthy.

Another way you could go if you have a very promising or interesting project is to ask for a grant to the ICON Foundation, you will need to explain in details what you want to do, how will you achieve it, etc

If you want to contribute to existing projects, on the other hand, you may contact the team responsible for the project directly and tell them.


If any specific project catches your eye or if you have any questions and want to discuss further feel free to shoot me a DM on Telegram (@benny_options). Welcome to the ICON Project!