Help missing funds when trying to provide liquidity

Could someone please assist me with staking please. 5 days ago I was under the impression that I staked approx 271 sICX, however when I checked today, it said I had 0 staked, with no Balanced rewards… I figured maybe I did something wrong, so I withdrew it, and provided liquidity via sICX and bnUSD, click SEND on each on as the instructions showed, saw each one get confirmation it went through, but it is not showing up on the LP Pool, and it is no longer in my wallet either… Per the TX Tracker, it looks like it completed successfully. So what happened when I thought I was staking last time, and where did my tokens go for Liquidity this time? I really want to take part in this, but I’m starting to lose faith in how this works… I didn’t get credit for the 5 days I staked sICX, and now I seem to have lost the LP i was trying to provide… If anyone can help me, please help… Thanks

My TX tracker:

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“Coins dissappeared when supplying liquidity? - To recover the stuck coins you have to successfully supply liquidity (try a small amount). Once you complete the entire liquidity supplying process it returns any stuck coins from previous attempts. If you only complete the two individual pool transactions, but not the final supply confirmation transaction, then more coins get stuck.”

You may refer to this Reddit thread for more solutions regarding your issue;


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Hi. Firstly, I think your Balanced queries would be better posted in the Balanced telegram group ( or the Balanced sub-reddit (

Regarding your queries; you don’t receive any BALN rewards for just staking on the Balanced platform. You get BALN rewards when you take out a loan or add to one of the liquidity pools.

From what you described, it sounds like you deposited your ICX as collateral but didn’t take out a loan; hence your ICX ‘disappeared’ as it had been staked as sICX and would act as collateral for taking out a loan. You would not receive any form of BALN rewards for this as you didn’t take a loan out against your collateral.

Regarding your funds that got stuck in the liquidity pool, please see the instructions for resolving this (from their telegram group).

Don’t worry, funds are safe. Please take these steps:

1.) Close the balanced app if you have it open still
2.) Clear cache on your device
3.) Supply a small amount of liquidity to the same pool (make sure you have both assets in your wallet!!!) using the slider. Make sure to close ICONex after each transaction

Then, the extra amount will be returned to you

For step 2:
Settings -> privacy and security -> cookies and other site data -> see all cookies and site data -> remove all

If you’ve any additional queries I’d recommend going over to the telegram group or sub-reddit.

Best of luck with it!