Hana wallet problem

Hi. I need your help. 3 days ago, I connected to hana wallet via Chrome using the password of my iconex wallet. Today, I transferred icx to my hana wallet, which I connected with iconex via myiconwallet. The icxs I sent were visible. I then logged out of Chrome. When I opened it again and connected with the same iconex password, icx did not appear in my account. Even the address of the hana wallet that I can connect to now is not the same as the address of the hana wallet that I opened and added icx to before. All transfer information is visible in my Myiconwallet wallet. Please help me :pray:

If you have got the keystore of that wallet or seed phrase try importing in another wallet and see if you can get the same address.

hey @ajaya @Strider
i forgot my hana wallet password. but i have the seed phrase.
there is no reset button of the PW.
How can i get back access to the hana wallet?
ty for your help