[Grant Application] TipTap Bot for Tipping ICX or TAP Token in Telegram by iBriz - ICONOsphere

1. Title
TipTap Bot for Tipping ICX or TAP Token in Telegram by iBriz - ICONOsphere

2. Project Category

3. Project Description
TipTap bot is a Telegram Bot which allows users to send a tip of ICX or TAP to another Telegram user. This process is carried out using a Smart Contract(SCORE). Users will be able to fund the SCORE managed by the bot with the ICX or TAP which will be used to send tips. To prevent the users from spamming the telegram groups by tipping each other, we will be limiting the number of tipping transactions each user can do each day. Each tipping action will bring transactions to ICON blockchain. People can easily use the bot without knowing the backend details of SCORE.

Benefits of the TipTap Bot:

  1. Enables anyone with ICX or TAP in their TipTap bot to send a tip to anyone with a Telegram username.
  2. Open to all Telegram users, thus engaging a wider community and gaining greater exposure for ICX and TAP (ICONbet).
  3. It provides a value exchange use case that any ICONist can use for ICX and TAP transactions within the larger Telegram community.
  4. Increases the transactions in ICON Blockchain.

There will be two parts that are being developed :
I. Telegram Tipping Bot (TipTap Bot)
There is a huge community of ICONists active on the Telegram platform. Using the bot, users will be able to tip ICX or TAP token to other Telegram users. TipTap bot will be using a Smart Contract on the ICON blockchain and will update the SCORE when a new deposit, withdrawal or tip function is detected on Telegram.

A. Deposit
After a user makes a deposit request, the user will be provided with the address to deposit the ICX or TAP. The wallet address and Telegram userID will be registered on the SCORE.
The user can transfer the ICX/TAP to that address on a given period using their ICONex wallet. The user will be notified after the deposit has been done.

Minimum Deposit: 5 ICX / 1000 TAP
Maximum Deposit: 10000 ICX/ 500,000 TAP 

B. Tip
Users can tip ICX to other Telegram users by replying on their message with the command below:

/tip {icx}

Users can tip TAP to other Telegram users by replying on their message with the command below:

/tap {tap}

When user tips ICX or TAP, then the amount from their deposited amount will be transferred to the mentioned user.

Minimum tip: 0.5 ICX / 100 TAP
Maximum tip: 1000 ICX/ 100,000 TAP

C. Withdraw
Users can withdraw the existing ICX/TAP on the Telegram account to their registered ICON address.

D. Edit Wallet Address
Users can update the registered wallet address at any time.

II. Smart contract (SCORE)
The smart contract is used by a user to:
a. Deposit ICX into their managed Telegram userID account.
b. Withdraw ICX from their managed Telegram userID account.
c. Transfer tips between users’ managed Telegram accounts.

4. Project Duration

1 month from acceptance of the project proposal.

5. Resource Allocation:

  • SCORE developer - $3000
  • Chatbot developer - $4000
  • Server Cost (Fees + DevOps) - $3000 annually

6. Funding Amount Requested

  • Total Project Cost: $7000 + annual expenses (~$3000 from iBriz)
  • Funding Requested: $7000

7. Project Milestones

Milestone 1: 10days

  • SCORE Design/Development
  • Chatbot Backend Development

Milestone 2: 15days

  • SCORE Testnet Testing
  • Chatbot Backend Development Continue

Milestone 3: 5days

  • Final Chatbot Testing on Testnet
  • Make it LIVE

8. Official Team Name:

iBriz - ICONOsphere

9. Team Contact Information:



iBriz - ICONOsphere (Telegram)

iBriz - ICONOsphere (Twitter)

10. Public Address:


That’s a great idea but we are already working on this we will share some details of it soon with maybe a video demo. I am not sure right now I am bit out sync. Ours bit complicated and we like to connect it with twitter reddit etc. We wish you guys keep it down for a while to see ours and maybe even contribute to ours.

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Review Comments

Very interesting and useful idea, however, other P-Reps can/are already working on it. Therefore, ICON Foundation doesn’t want to duplicate work. We think these types of projects can be done without direct support from ICON in order to gain votes as a P-Rep.