[Grant Application] Tipicon on Twitter

1. Title: Tipicon On Twitter

2. Project Category: Development

3. Project Description: As Piconbello, we started our tipping bot idea as an experiment and kept expanding it with the last grant request. In 3 months, we developed new dapp integrations and our user number increased 600% from 900 to around 7500. Considering there are 13000 users on ICON Project main Telegram channel, we cover a lot of users and currently are getting close to platform limitations. Another example can be given from Iconswap. Iconswap’s main channel has 218 members and Tipicon has 154 Iconswap users, which covers quite a lot of the group. Hence, we are requesting this grant to expand to Twitter. We were planning to do that with Iconplus collaboration but unfortunately, that request was denied.

First, a summary of Tipicon on Telegram. In the last 3 months, we spent a lot of time on development and didn’t have much time to advertise or run promo for Tipicon while our numbers grew significantly. The biggest gainer is user number while our tx numbers also steadily keep growing. Our biggest contribution to tx number was coming from Daollette dapp. Since ICX price increases, these numbers are dropping but we are at 4.4 million tx since June 8, our first dapp release without considering any downtime related to Iconbet, network and such. We still average +35000 tx per day. Our effect can easily be seen on the tx graph recently published by Iconbet.

The average of Dice and Roulette were very similar, almost like mirroring each other. Since our release, Dice is significantly behind Roulette and despite huge spikes Roulette is almost always ahead. We also put @tipiconbot as a seed for every Iconbet function to provide some transparency to these numbers since we are the only source for these numbers and there is no way to verify them besides going from our logs. (We will follow up to this in next section.)

There are several reasons for that, Tipicon became the core of the most active telegram channels with on channel events and activities for Iconbet and Iconphilipinas channels. Iconbet runs several promos which focus on wager volume, a lot of traction from these promos also bring users to Tipicon. We released daolevels dApp simultaneously with Iconbet on mainnet. This is something we care a lot about, having a dApp available at Tipicon at the time of the release. We jumped to 4000 transactions very fast while it mostly died down because daolevels kept improving and made it much easier and faster with their changes over us while we were working on other parts. We had some issues with our endpoint since we kept hammering it with all the dApps we integrated. Especially for the lottery, we take a lot of initiative and create a lot of functions like winning notification, ticket tipping, jackpot amount in USD value (Utilizes Hylian price oracle), countdown timer… All of these functions rely on-chain data which keeps hitting more harder on the endpoint. Hence, we are holding on dice release and improving the daolevels until we are satisfied with endpoint stability. (We keep improving the Tipicon nonstop since our release). Outside all of that, the community takes initiative to create pools for events over Telegram using Tipicon which is a great joy for us since our aim was creating a tool for the community to use as they seem fit.

What are we aiming with Twitter expansion? First of all, we want to create a tool like Telegram and offer the community a way to interact. Because of strict policy by Twitter, we are not sure if we can integrate dApps like Iconbet while we can still integrate smart contracts/dApps like Hylian price oracle, our transaction batcher, icon name service… We plan to release it with some additional functions outside basic tipping, which can be like a raffle or rewarding according to some numbers of interactions for the user. Outside that, we are planning to create some website dashboard for Telegram and Twitter combined, as the iBriz team did. We plan to provide better transparency to our numbers with this tool. Since every action on our bot is executed from users own wallet and on-chain that requires a lot of work. We are sharing plans with and without web interface so you can decide to cut it if that’s not something you see valuable.

4. Project Duration: 2 or 3 months, depending on web interface decision

5. Project Milestones:

3 weeks Twitter bot with basic tip function
6 weeks for the rest of the functions
3 weeks for testing and completion

1 month for the web interface

6. Funding Amount Requested: 6000$ for only Twitter bot, 9000$ for website interface and twitter bot combined

7. Official Team Name: Piconbello

8. Team Contact Information:

Team Lead Emre

Piconbello (Telegram)

Piconbello (Twitter)

9. Public Address: hxfa6714e4ec784ae2176c416c46dc2c98b6ec9074