[Grant Application] ‘Spread Your Votes’ campaign by ICON in Numbers

‘Spread Your Votes’ campaign by ICON in Numbers

Project category: Education

Project duration: 3 months

Project description

ICON network is currently suffering from a highly skewed vote distribution where votes are concentrated on the top P-Reps. More than 25% of the total votes are allocated in top 3 P-Reps, and more than 50% in top 10 P-Reps. We have also noticed that new voters tend to vote for top P-Reps in our analyses. In fact, the highest number of first-time voters have been observed in ICON Foundation each week since October 2019.

There are several reasons for such voting behaviours – voter apathy and vote stagnation being the main drivers. These issues have been very difficult to tackle, but we have been working to promote vote spreading, which would also help other problems associated with voting behaviours.

ICON in Numbers is a joint project between P-Reps Transcranial Solutions and Espanicon. The goal of the weekly report is to analyse different aspects of data, including voting behaviour so that we could track the changes over time and inform ICONists and P-Reps to improve the governance in the ICON ecosystem.

We have been tracking the number of P-Reps that ICONists were voting for since our report on the voter behaviour, and this was implemented in the weekly ICON in Numbers article since July, 2020. We have also shown an indicator for the highest number of P-Reps voted each week after the implementation of the upgrade on ICON network which allowed for voting of more than 10 P-Reps. We kept track of the data and helped increase awareness by sharing the data each week via social media platforms.

We started a ‘Spread Your Votes’ campaign where we encourage ICONists to spread their votes. We are giving ICONists the incentives to vote for more P-Reps so that the votes are not too concentrated on the top P-Reps. We have seen a gradual increase in the number of wallets and votes in the ‘11+ P-Reps’ voted category.

We are hoping to continue rewarding active voters that are participating in vote spreading and continue with the work in producing ICON in Numbers. We believe that a grant will provide support for the ‘Spread Your Votes’ campaign with additional incentives for the ICONists.

Project milestones

  • Four (4) ICON in Numbers report per month in two languages (English & Spanish)

  • One (1) summary report per month in English (Trend Analysis)

Funding amount requested

$4,000 for 3 months & 1M delegations (500K each for the team)

· Promotion / reward: $3,000

· Code implementation and maintenance: $1,000

Reward outline:

Allocate $1,000 per month ($250 x 4 weeks)

  • One (1) grand prize winner each week: $100 (raffle winner as original campaign)
  • Remaining $150 to be divided into brackets for 11+ P-Reps voted
    • For example (current vote spreading brackets available),
      • 3 winners ($10) each in bracket (11 - 19)
      • 3 winners ($10) each in bracket (20 - 29)
      • 3 winners ($10) each in bracket (30 - 39)
      • 3 winners ($10) each in bracket (40 - 49)
      • 3 winners ($10) each in bracket (100)
    • If not enough participant in each bracket, then the leftover slot will be rolled over to the previous bracket (e.g. 2 winners in 40-49, 4 winners in 30-39)

Only the grand prize winner will be picked via https://wheelofnames.com/ as before. Other winners will also be announced, but randomly selected by programming (python) and codes will be available on GitHub.

Eventually, we want it to be self-sustainable, and use the proportion of our delegation rewards to be used as the reward for ICONists in the future.

Official team name

Transcranial Solutions / Espanicon

Contact information

Email: transcranial.solutions@gmail.com / fidellira.6@gmail.com

Telegram: @tonoplast / @Espanicon_Prep

Twitter: @transcranialsol / @espanicon

Public address

hx2f3fb9a9ff98df2145936d2bfcaa3837a289496b (Transcranial Solutions)

  • Main grant + delegation

hx9fa9d224306b0722099d30471b3c2306421aead7 (Espanicon)

  • Delegation

Initial Review Result Comments

Review Result

Approval pending on revised conditions

Review Comments

  • We also think that vote concentration and vote stagnancy is an issue on our network. While we work on a technical solution we appreciate your efforts to inform the community on twitter and telegram to spread votes and also provide incentives. We are happy to support this for 3 months but like you say it must become sustainable
  • We recommend only 2 reports per month instead of 4 because numbers will change more in 2 weeks and the reports will be more meaningful to read.
  • Additional condition also includes that we’ll need to do KYC on the team.

Next Procedure

ICON Foundation provided the Initial Review Result Comments on the proposal. Grants recipients will respond to the Foundation’s response. Depending on your comments, the foundation will provide the Final Review Result Comments.

Plus, all grant recipients should do KYC in order to receive grants from the Foundation. Once your proposal is fully accepted, we’ll guide the next procedure for the KYC.

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Thank you for your time and we accept the revised conditions.

We would like to clarify one thing - IIN (ICON in Numbers) is currently being done on a weekly basis. This will then become a biweekly report as of grant approval.

We will wait for your instructions for the KYC process.


Hi @ICON_ADMIN and thanks to the Foundation for approving this campaign.

The node for Transcranial Solutions recently received a delegation equivalent to what is being asked here but no KYC has yet being done from his part nor mine. Since you haven’t yet replied with the KYC instructions we are a bit confused right now.

We don’t know if that is indeed the delegation due for this grant application or an ICONist voting for Transcranial Solutions node.

Either way, just to clear things up we are waiting for the KYC process.

Final Review Result Comments

Review Result


Reporting Period

Grant recipients should produce Periodic Reports in order to continue to receive grant funding. If the Periodic Report is showing that the initiative is not meeting expectations, the ICON Foundation has the option to halt continued funding. Please check the link (ICON Community Grant Program (“ICON CGP”)) and leave reports on this page (https://forum.icon.community/c/g/pr )

The team must submit the Periodic Report by the timeframes below (UTC):

  • 2020/12/15 02:00 AM (UTC)
  • 2021/01/13 02:00 AM (UTC)
  • 2021/02/13 02:00 AM (UTC)

Funding Amount

The ICON Foundation is going to give out $4,000 in 3 monthly installments based on the Periodic Report. The amount of ICX will be determined and paid according to the price at 02:00 AM (UTC) on the day of payment.

  • 2020/12/16 02:00 AM (UTC) - $1,330
  • 2021/01/15 02:00 AM (UTC) - $1,330
  • 2021/02/15 02:00 AM (UTC) - $1,340
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Link to Periodic Report #1: ‘Spread Your Votes!’ campaign Periodic Report #1

Link to Periodic Report #2: ‘Spread Your Votes!’ campaign Periodic Report #2

Link to Periodic Report #3: ‘Spread Your Votes!’ campaign Periodic Report #3