[Grant application] POS Bakerz Grant: Community proposal (France)


POS Bakerz is applying for an ICON Community Grant to enhance the awareness and brand image of ICON in France. France has grown to be a key blockchain nation, with many users, developers, and also political support. It is our view that ICON should increase its presence in Europe and in France. This document will describe the motivations, goals, process, and timeline of the project.


Localized ICON Public Relations campaign in France


Community Activities


This project will build the ICON’s community in France and develop the local ecosystem.

There are numbers of blockchain developers, crypto holders and product builders in Europe. In France, the government is supporting the ecosystem, and some local institutions are building blockchain applications. We would like ICON to be one of the leading blockchain solutions in the European region. France is a key place to start.

A well-built PR campaign, with media posts (press release, videos) and an offline event during the Paris Blockchain Week, will help ICON reach a wider audience and attract new users to the ICON blockchain.

Why us rather than a local PR agency?

With our local network, expertise, and knowledge of ICON, we have the opportunity to build such a successful campaign.

We’re part of the ICON community and thanks to our role of P-Rep we have the technicals knowledge and are always up to date with what happens in the protocol.

In France, we’re also part of The Family, a well-known Incubator in Paris.

Accepting our grant will allow the ICON foundation to leverage our local network and benefits discounted prices.

In addition to this, David our COO has been working for the past 4 years with a well-known Fintech in order to develop their brand in France so he is used to organized events and already has a lot of contacts in the media scene.

We started to develop ICON in France, but our resources are currently limited and this why we’re requesting a 200,000 ICX grant:

Présentation de ICON Network (ICX) l’Ethereum Coréen - TheCoinTribune

Présentation de ICON Network (ICX) - TheCoinTribune | BlockBlog


3 months (From February 1st to April 30th)


Phase 1: Press Release (01/02/20 to 29/02/20)

Goals : Reach 50,000 targeted readers in local media, have more people know about ICON and start marketing the offline event

Amount Requested : $5,000 / 12 500 ICX

Justification : We estimate that we will need to spend at least 50 hours of work on this phase and may have to pay around $3,000 for PR publications.

Milestones :

  • Writing (01/02/20 to 04/02/20) —> ~20hrs ($500 / 1,250 ICX)

Co-creation, writing, and proofreading of a Press Release in English & French

  • Description of ICON and the vast opportunities to build on it
  • Our experience as a European P-Rep
  • Announce the upcoming event
  • Media Listing & Contact (05/02/20 to 15/02/20) —> 15hrs ($500 / 1,250 ICX)

List & contact targeted local media partners in order to maximize distribution.

  • Distribution (16/02/20 to 20/02/20) —> 5hrs (3,000$ / 7,500 ICX)

Give the final approval to people we decided to deal with and ask them to share our press release to their audience in media + specialized newsletter.

We will also share the press release on our social media channels. We have the target to reach at least 50,000 local highly targeted readers thanks to local media partners.

  • Monitoring and Transparency report (21/02/20 to 29/02/20) —> 10 hrs (1,000$ / 2,500 ICX)

Monitor every publication/link and media reach numbers + Create a transparency report Medium article that will then be shared to the Iconists & the foundation with detailed data from the Press Release 2 weeks after publication

Phase 2: Video Content (24/02/20 to 31/03/20)

Goals : Reach 10,000 views online within 2 weeks, ahead of Paris Blockchain Week in order to have more people know about ICON and start marketing the offline event.

Amount Requested : $10,000 / 25,000 ICX

Justification : We estimate that we will need to spend at least 40 hours of work on this phase and may have to pay around $5,000 to third party media.


  • Guidelines (24/02/20 to 28/02/20) —> 10 hrs ($500 / 1,250 ICX)
    • Write initial guidelines for a video interview on ICON in French:
    • What is ICON?
    • Advantages of this blockchain
    • What can people build on it?
    • Our experience as a European P-Rep
    • Offline event announcement
  • Partner selection (24/02/20 to 29/02/20) —> 15hrs ($500 / 1,250 ICX)

List, contact & select video content partner based on budget and audience (BFMTV, JournalduCoin, TV FINANCE)

  • Filming and publishing (01/03/20 to 10/03/20) —> 5hrs ($3,000 / 7,500 ICX)

Film and publish a video interview before the offline event.

  • Sharing (11/03/20 to 15/03/20) —> 5hrs (5,000$ / 12,500 ICX )

Share the video on social media channels & ask our media partners from the previous operations to share it on their media

Target goal: at least 10,000 online views

  • Monitoring and Transparency Report (15/03/20 to 31/03/20) —> 10hrs ($1,000 / 2,500 ICX)

Create a transparency report Medium article that will then be shared to the Iconists & the foundation with detailed data from the video one month after publication

Phase 3: Offline Event (02/03/20 to 30/04/20)

Goals : Organize an offline event during Paris Blockchain Week with a target of 50-100 attendants (developers, crypto holders, and media)

Amount Requested : $10,000 / 25,000 ICX

Justification : We estimate that we will need to spend at least 70 hours of work on this phase and may have to pay around $7,500 to third parties.

Event : Estimated date between March 30th & April 3rd

The event will be about :

  • General introduction of ICON and how it’s different from another blockchain
  • Score language: Build a Smart contract on ICON using Python
  • Broof: A direct use case for diploma certification
  • Iconloop & what’s coming next?


  • Finalise topics and speakers (02/03/20 to 10/03/20) —> 20hrs ($500 / 1,250 ICX)

Prepare topics and list of speakers, which should include 1 person from the ICON Foundation, and some ecosystem participants (P-Reps, Developers, Builders)

  • Book venue (02/03/20 to 15/03/20) —> 10hrs ($3,000 / 7,500 ICX )

Book a venue that can welcome at least 100 people

  • Eventbrite and social media sharing (10/03/20 to 31/03/20) —> 5h ($500 / 1,250 ICX)

Publish the event on Eventbrite and share it on social media

  • Newsletter invitation (15/03/20 to 31/03/20) —> 5h ($1,000 / 2,500 ICX)

Send newsletter invitation to our subscribers (10,000+), and include additional local media/journalists in the mailing list

  • F&Bs (23/03/20 to 31/03/20) —> 10 hrs ($2,500 / 6,250 ICX)

Prepare/Order basic food and drinks, as well as goodies (stickers, t-shirts, roll up, pens with ICON logo)

  • Main Events (31/03/20 to 03/04/20); 5 hrs ($2,000 / 5,000 ICX)

Organise the main event, record, edit, and share the event on social media and to the attendees’ list

  • Final report (06/04/20 to 30/04/20) —> 5 hrs ($1,000 / 2,500 ICX)

Create a report wrapping up the key takeaways and progresses achieved during this PR campaign.

Advantages of such a campaign on ICON ?

France is a leading country in the Blockchain revolution and there are lot’s of leading startups already operating and well implemented in this sector.

Counting some leading companies such as Ledger, Acinq, Kaiko or Woorton, France is "avant gardiste" and want to become a leading country in this new technology.

Some companies in France, such as BC Diploma or Eureka Certification may be very interested to work with some of ICON technologies such as Broof.

Thanks to an offline event and a localized media campaign, we will be able to better share with the French community what’s the advantages of ICON and stuff they can do with it!

We decided to go with France as we’re also well connected there and can have help from our partners to better reach medias and the entrepreneur scene in Paris. Indeed, The Family, one of our business partners already organized a lot’s event (See this Youtube Channel with ~70K subscribers) and are very well connected with well-known enterprises, many startups, and entrepreneurs. (It’s the Y Combinator in Europe if you prefer).

Let’s see in details what it can exactly bring to the ICON network ?

To simplify, we will explain what each phase can bring to ICON and why such money is needed so we’re able to put in place the best strategy possible.

  • Press Release:

First we want to increase do follow backlinks for the ICON Foundation.

A media campaign with the help of several crypto medias sharing a press release about the ICON technology and the recent good news should improve SEO ranking for ICON foundation and make people interested to know more about this protocol.

Let’s take a look at the different traffic from main French crypto medias.

For example, there is 429,61K monthly total visits approximately on Journal du Coin. By targetting such media, this will allow more peope to hear about ICON and get them know what can be built on top of it.

It will also have an excellent effect on the ICON.foundation SEO because these wabsites are famous in France and this the reason why we will be able to increase the ranking of ICON in France search engine.

We’re convinced that spread the word locally can have a great impact on the ICON foundation and improve do-follow backlinks!

If the budget allows us, we will even be able to push our press release into a wider audience by targeting people interested in financial opportunities and/or tech thanks to famous French newspapers such as Les Echos, Capital or French Web by sharing with them a Real use cases for blockchain mentioning Broof or ICONLoop in ICON.

As a PRep is our goal that most of the people hear about ICON and get to know what they can do on top of it. Unfortunately, most of newspapers want money in order to promote such a campaign, and we do not have funds to do it by ourselfs right now.

  • Video campaign:

Video is something else we want to do. Several possibilities will be possible here and we need to define what will be our exact move to attract most people in the ICON blockchain.

To give you an example, the main crypto influencer in France, Hasheur has 140K followers on Youtube. By doing a video on his channel it will allow the french community to have more insights about this crypto and what are the benefits and challenges to run a P-Rep! The idea will be to use a part of this grant to pay a sponsored video on his channel if he’s interested in such a project.

If not, don’t worry, we will in this case, target more traditional video media. For now, we have in mind to target an explanation video on BFM TV if possible, or one in TVFinance so we are able to be published on Le Figaro Vidéo and target HNW individual in France looking for ways to diversify their investment.

We will also do a specific video on VideoBourse to explain in details how ICON works and what are the differences between this protocol and others to a more targeted audience. The more money we have, the more stuff we can do and more easily it will be to negotiate with different media partners in order to do a Video interview in French about ICON.

  • Event

Finally, the event will be cherry on the cake. After having hear about ICON for 2 months in different French medias we will allow the french community that may be interested to build on top of this blockchain to meet the ICON Foundation itself and main PReps such as ourselfs or others.

This event will be probably host at The Family directly or The Garage and will be communicate on developper & startuper communities mostly. We will be able to welcome around 100 attendees if not more !

If the Press & video campaign works as planned, many people will hear about the Project. To gain trust, people always prefer to meet the team behind the project and be able to ask their different questions directly. This event will also be recording and the ICON Foundation will be able to leverage on the video even after the event has passed. To make sure that the event is a success, we will also work with differente partner to promote the event through newsletter & other communication channel.

The idea is also to leverage the Paris Blockchain Week, so your team is able to come when many crypto enthusiasts are in town.

To conclude & summarized, here are the main advantages of such a campaign for ICON :

  • Improve SEO in France
  • Get people know what they can do with ICON & make them learn about real blockchain use cases
  • Reach ~400k localized crypto holders
  • Have several videos content to leverage on
  • Eventually sign partnership with French crypto projects (eg: BC Diploma)
  • Meet the French crypto community & inspire more trust

Funding Amount Requested

We request $25,000 or ~ICX 62,500 (depending on ICX price at milestone achievements).

This amount should be released gradually at the beginning of each new Phase.

Team Name

POS Bakerz

Contact Information

Public Address


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Hi there. We know POS Bakerz is one of most passionate P-rep team and I believe you guys will do great job. However, 200,000 ICX is a lot and you have to convince us what you are trying to do with worth much more than 200,000 ICX. Could you please add details of that so we can start review? thanks!

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Thank you for your feedback !

We will update more metrics & details about the benefits of such a campaign on ICON. For now, you can see on this pic that organic visitors on the ICON Foundation website are going down in France, that’s why we decided to propose such an idea. :grinning:

We updated our proposal and prices! 200,000 ICX was requested because our 1st proposal was made while ICX price was very low ($0.125).

For this updated proposal, we wrote the prices needed in Dollar and converted them to ICX at a $0.4 conversion rate.

Review Result Comments

Review Result

Rejection of Phase 1 and 2, Follow up questions on Phase 3

Review Comments

  • Can you give us more information about the venue you have selected?
  • Can you give us more information on the guest list details?
  • Can you give us more information on the speakers and agenda?
  • Can you lower the budget? 10,000 seems a little expensive to have a presence at Paris Blockchain Week
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Hi BonhAnha,

Given the timing, we believe that it is better to call off this project.

Now we know better the level of expectations, we are looking forward to coming back with a stronger proposal next time :muscle:

Rest assured, we will still talk about Icon as much as we can during Paris Blockchain Week.

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