[Grant Application] otbTRADE decentralised exchange




Project Category


Phase 1- dex integration of ICX and native tokens.

Phase 2 - fiat to icx fully licenced on-ramp.

Project Description

otbTRADE is a community focussed decentralised exchange developed by OutsideTheBox Developers, 50% of our revenue from trading fees is given back to the community. otbTRADE is currently live on the IOST blockchain so you can take a pop over check us out and have a play. The roadmap for otbTRADE is constantly being updated as we add new features and listen to what the community want and expect from us.

Within the exchange we have several different features:

Official listings- which are tokens the team have been requested to List by the tokens developers.

P2P listings - which are tokens that the community themselves list via the List Token feature.

List Token - this allows users to list any token they wish

Discounts- we have our platform token called otbc, one of the use cases of the token allows users to swap the token for 10 vouchers for 25% discount on trading fees, otbc is rewarded to voters on our node.

Atomic swap- atomic swap service with over 300 pairs including ICX.

we have weekly lotteries where we give away 50% of our revenue from trading fees back to the community.

Under events we have our treasurehunt which is one of the many community focussed events we do regularly.

We are constantly working on updates and improvements to otbTRADE, in the roadmap just now being developed for release is, staking of our platform token otbc with rewards being issued from the blockrewards from our node, fiat on ramp and fiat off ramp with Apple integration. Further down the road we have major pairs like ICX/usdt in the roadmap.

We plan on becoming a P- rep within Icon and giving back to the community in the same way we do for the IOST community.

If anyone has any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us here or via our telegram chat.

Project Duration

Phase 1 - 2 months

Phase 2 - 1 month

Project Milestones

Phase 1 - dex integration

Phase 2 - fiat to icx on-ramp

Funding Amount Requested

Phase 1 - 20000USD

Phase 2 - 10000USD

Official Team Name

OutsideTheBox Developers

Team Contact Information

Email support@otbtrade.com

Telegram https://t.me/otbtrade

Twitter https://twitter.com/otbtrade

Website otbTRADE.com

Public Address


Review Result Comments

Review Result


Review Comments

  • We like the proposal but we already have a community built DEX (ICONswap)
  • Maybe ICONswap would be interested in collaborating on phase 2 for an ICX on-ramp
  • There is not enough IRC2 token trading to justify funding for a second DEX
  • We recommend running as a P-Rep and trying to earn delegation in order to build this product because we do think it is interesting idea

Thanks for the reply
We may look at Icon again in the future