[Grant Application] Multiplatform ICX Tipping/Donation Service

Multiplatform ICX Tipping Service
ICON Community Grant Proposal

1. Project Title

Multiplatform (Moim, Slack, Telegram) Tipping and Donation Service

2. Project Category

Development: this project focuses on product development to expand the ecosystem of ICON network to the pool of users in the CAN ecosystem, Slack application and Telegram messaging service.

3. Project Description

We are going to build an in-app ICX tipping service to facilitate ICX transactions between Moim’s pool of users that is able to be integrated with other user heavy applications. This service will allow users to simply,

  1. click an icon on their Moim user profiles and send ICX to the other users with ease,
  2. click an icon on user posts in forums, messages or comments and send ICX to authors of content,
  3. write / commands to send ICX to users on other integrated platforms such as Slack and Telegram.

3.1 Background

Built by CAN Lab, the development team behind ICON DAO, Moim is an all-in-one community building tool that equips users with the ability to design social platforms with customizable features for community engagement. The main function of Moim is to facilitate ease of communication and governance within communities. Moim currently hosts several communities across a diverse range of industries such as non-profit, IT, impact investment and others.

Example communities built on Moim include:

World Vision Korea’s community platform to organize their various non-profit endeavours and projects. Over 300 members have created and contributed to over 30 projects although it is only in beta phase and only available in Korea.

In the coming months, Vake will expand to incorporate the entire global World Vision community and we can expect the onboarding of thousands of activists and projects in need of funding.

Impact Collective is a community-driven acceleration program for startups focusing on opportunities in Asia. Impact Collect sources, supports, invests and connects startups that are solving global challenges to accelerate positive impact in the world. With over 380 startups seeking investment opportunities, the acceleration program is off to a promising start with a bright future ahead, especially considering the calibre of partners involved:

ICON DAO is a decentralized community platform for encouraging and rewarding contributions made by community members of leading blockchain ICON Network. The aim of ICON DAO is to cater to ICON network’s contribution-centered design by focusing on community-generated projects and rewarding contributions made by the community members.

Moim’s Features

Currently Moim facilitates selective enabling and customization of features such as forum, messaging, real-time chat, media content, content categorization, content archiving and other features to fit the market need of the current communities on Moim and the many communities that are expected to be onboarded in the future.

In support of ICON Foundation and CAN’s long time strategic partnership, we would like to expand and enhance Moim’s features by enabling an in-app payment system for users to tip, donate or fund their community activities using ICX, ICON Network’s native token.

Moim Community Tipping Feature

This service will enable users to send ICX directly to each other and can be used by users as signs of appreciation, donations or help towards project funding.

We believe this will enhance the ICON DAO community and our more donation-driven Moim communities.

For ICON DAO specifically, we envision the following:

  1. Using ICX to tip each other to encourage community members to create quality content for ICON Network, and users earning rewards for their content. Thus creating a Steemit-esque community for ICON Network.
  2. Using ICX tipping to show appreciation between community members.
  3. Using ICX tipping as a donation vehicle to fund ICON community projects, enabling crowdfunding.
  4. Using ICX to tip users who collaborate together on events and projects within forums that benefit the ICON Network at large.

And in general for communities like Vake, Impact Collective and other communities that can be enabled with ICX tipping through this service:

  1. An increase in ICX utility that is not confined to just the ICON community but to other diverse communities with potential for different usages. For example, using ICX for donations.

Additional Platform Support

  • CAN Ecosystem

In addition to Moim, our service will be able to support ICX tipping on various other platforms via API by creating a wallet for tipping and mapping it to a created CAN Pass account. This will increase the amount of wallets being created for ICON and the utility of its token across the CAN network user base which currently boasts thousands of members and is expected to grow exponentially with more projects being added to the network in the near future.

Other than Moim and the network we are building around CAN, this is a multiplatform service that will support integration to more platforms. Our current development with this grant will also be for:

  • Slack

This business-focused communication app recently surpassed 12 million daily active users for the year 2020. Slack is utilized by many corporations both small and large, including ICON Foundation, ICON partners and other ICON affliates. We expect our ICX tipping service to be utilized by not just ICON users but other blockchain businesses as well interested in easily incorporating crypto in their day-to-day activities.

  • Telegram

Due to active community utility inTelegram chats such as ICONBet, ICON Pilipinas and our ICON DAO chat, ICON tipping bot TipICON averages 40,000 transactions per day. We aim to increase those transactions by having our service also integrated with Telegram for use by these active communities and others.

The Bigger Picture: More Platforms = More ICX Visibility and Use

Currently ICX tipping is limited to ICX crypto holders who are already aware of ICON. This is limiting. Then there is further limitation due to current tipping methods being solely based on Telegram bots. Our end-goal is to provide an ICX tipping or payment service that isn’t limited to just 1 platform and can be easily used by many. By doing this, we open the door for non-crypto users on commonly used platforms to begin receiving and becoming ICX holders as easy as typing a slash command or clicking an icon.

To see the true value of this product, we must factor in the numbers of our growing Moim user base of over 1500 members, Slack’s user base of millions of tech and crypto companies and even the hundreds of ICON and ICONLOOP affiliated companies that utilize Slack and Telegram.

By developing this service able to be integrated with other platforms in the future, this will no doubt increase the network’s total user base and extend its reach to more mainstream applications and communities.

3.2 Technical Specifications

3.2.1. High-level System Architecture

Client Application - Moim: facilitates communication and acts as the user interface for users to tip ICX from each other.

Wallet Application - CANpass: private key management application for users to sign blockchain transactions and interact with tipping service by deposit and withdrawal.

Pooled Wallet: a centralized pool of wallets to manage the operation of the core tipping service with capability of restricted transfer threshold to mitigate risks…

Blockchain Gateway API: a full node that receives and processes signed transactions from users and the pooled wallet to ICON chain as well as any triggering events from the blockchain.

3.2.2. Pooled Wallet Model

Hot Wallets: manage the operation of deposit and withdrawal from users. Designed in an auto-scale region to scale up and down depending on traffic from users.

Gateway Threshold: control maximum ICX transfers between the cold wallet and hot wallets. Also responsible for updating account balance with the private database maintained by CANpass.

Cold Wallet: securely store the majority of ICX deposited from users within an isolated private subnet. Interaction with the wallet is based on a fully internal custodial procedure.

4. Project Duration

The duration of this project is 6 months.

The preferred installment plan for payment is 6 installments across the 6 month duration.

5. Project Milestones

  • Milestone 1: Tipping on static content of Moim (user profile page).
  • Milestone 2: Tipping on dynamic content of Moim with automatic bot responses (posts, messages, comments).
  • Milestone 3: Tipping integration with Telegram/Slack.
User Story Duration
Milestone1: Tipping on static content 2 months
As a User, I want to Register a Tipping Wallet with my ICON DAO account. 2 weeks
As a User, I want to Deposit ICX to my Tipping Wallet. 1 week
As a User, I want to Withdraw ICX from my Tipping Wallet. 1 week
As a User, I want to Tip a user via their Moim User Profile page. 2 weeks
As a System Admin, I want to Set a Threshold on Transaction Withdrawal. 1 week
As a System Admin, I want to Scale Hot Wallets to meet Usage Demands. 0.5 week
As a System Admin, I want to Get Alerts when Hot Wallets are running out of Reserved ICX. 0.5 week
As a System Admin, I want to Withdraw ICX from Cold Wallet to Operational Hot Wallets. 0.5 week
Milestone2: Tipping on dynamics contents 1.5 months
As a User, I want to Tip an ICON DAO user by Typing /tip Command. 2 weeks
As a User, I want to Check Account Balance by Typing /balance Command. 1 week
As a User, I want to Initiate Tipping Commands via Public Chat. 1 week
As a User, I want to Initiate Tipping Commands via Public Comments. 1 week
As a User, I want to Initiate Tipping Commands via Private Message. 1 week
As a System Admin, I want to Customize Bot Response content. 0.5 week
As a System Admin, I want to Display Top Tipping Members of the Month. 0.5 week
Milestone3: Tipping integration with Telegram/Slack 2.5 months
As a User, I want to Add Tipping bot to Telegram. 2 weeks
As a User, I want to Execute Tipping Commands in Telegram. 1 week
As a System Admin, I want to View Total Tipped Amount in Telegram. 1 week
As a User, I want to Add Tipping bot to Slack. 2 weeks
As a User, I want to Execute Tipping Commands in Slack. 1 week
As a System Admin, I want to View Total Tipped Amount in Slack. 1 week
As a System Admin, I want to Aggregate Tipped Statistics to Moim. 2 weeks

6. Funding Amount Requested

Grant request: $ 64,800

Item Qty Unit Unit Cost SubTotal Note
Project Manager 1 6 months $3,200 $19,200 Supported by ICON DAO
Solution Architect 1 3 months $3,500 $10,500 Supported by ICON DAO
Blockchain Engineer (Senior Level) 1 6 months $3,000 $18,000
Blockchain Engineer (Middle Level) 1 6 months $2,400 $14,400
System Engineer
(Senior Level) 1 6 months $3,000 $18,000
Web Engineer (Middle Level) 1 6 months $2,400 $14,400
UI / UX Designer 1 6 months $2,000 $12,000 Supported by ICON DAO
Total Project Budget $106,500 * Marketing / operational cost is not included as a project budget.
Total Funding from ICON DAO $41,700
Total Funding to Request (ICON Foundation) $64,800

7. Official Team

Team name: ICON DAO

8. Official Team Contact Information

ICON DAO Email: icondao@canfoundation.io

9. Public Address

Public address to receive grant: hx3d5c3ce7554f4d762f6396e53b2c5de07074ec39

Thank you for taking the time to read our proposal, we look forward to hearing from you soon.

This would be awesome, really hope it gets approved! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hope this gets awarded. Would be awesome seeing this integrated in Slack and other mainstream applications!

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Initial Review Result Comments

Review Result


Review Comments

  • We think this is an interesting idea and will help the MOIM platform, but for telegram we already have successful tip bots from piconbello team and iBriz team so we think that we should focus on supporting and growing existing tipping services instead of funding a grant for a new one. Please consider working with one of these teams to add tipping services to the MOIM platform
  • We encourage your team to continue thinking of ideas for grants because you have been a successful and hardworking team. The ICON Foundation is looking for more businesses to be built on ICON, things that generate profits like DeFi projects, NFT games and marketplaces, etc. to help grow the ICON Republic economy.