[Grant Application] - Meme Pooling

  1. Title
    AI-generated memes for the ICX community
  2. Project Category
    Community Activities and Marketing
  3. Project Description
    The Icon (ICX) ecosystem relies on an active community for its development and success. At the moment, much of the energy and creativity that is expressed in the community is diffuse and does not always deliver actual developments or content. We propose to use everyone’s (willing participants) input to create high quality ICX-themed memes and video content.

We are developing a suit of algorithms allowing people to create so-called “deepfakes” of all sorts. These are costly to maintain and train for new videos but with everyone’s contribution, the community could generate interest on pooled ICX and use those funds to create content that the community votes to produce. To put it simply, the ICX community could create videos with the image manipulation capabilities of a production studio all by pooling ICX at no cost. The ICX meme pools would work in such a way that would put the community in charge of selecting the videos, the script, funding and the production process of new content.

We have been testing our algorithms and producing various AI-generated content for the past 7 months. Examples of our past productions can be found on CBS news, Cointelegraph and our Youtube Channel: Alethea AI

  1. Project Duration
    20-30 hours planning
    50-90 hours building
    Total: 90-120 hours

  2. Project Milestones
    On the creation side, our tech capabilities are ready to deliver and can be viewed here https://github.com/Alethea-tech. On the pooling and return functionalities we are at an advanced stage already. We have started with enabling pooling through DAI and interest generation through the Compound protocol.
    Remaining milestones:

  • Smart contracts to lock tokens and enable the pool to generate interests on locked ICX.
  • Smart contract to ensure no-cost return to every participant that pooled their tokens for a period of time.
  • Set-up ICX meme pools channels for community discussion and voting.
  • Validation and auditing of smart contracts.
  • Launch of ICX Meme Pools Beta on MainNet.
  • First AI-generated video production.
  1. Funding Amount Requested
  2. Official Team Name
    Alethea AI
  3. Team Contact Information (e.g. e-email, telegram id, social media)
  4. Public Address (To receive the grant)

Review Result Comments

Review Result


Review Comments

Overall, we think this is an interesting use case of blockchain tech and staking and we think it is good for community, but want to know more about the project and how it works.

  • Please elaborate on what the final deliverable will be / what it will look like
  • Please provide a detailed walkthrough of the process of using the final deliverable from start to finish
  • Please elaborate on the specific milestones associated with this project
  • Please elaborate on the planned technical architecture of the final deliverable / detailed scope of work
  • Are you planning on building this specific product on ICON?

Please check out all questions. Looking forward to hearing back from you.