[Grant Application] ICX Comics: Season 2

1. Title

ICX Comics:Season 2

2. Project Category

Community Activities: Ambassador activities, public relations, meetups, educational content and activities, and web community development and management

3. Project Description

The first ICX Comic season enabled us to create and publish a set of visual explainers the covered some of the main technical topics surrounding the ICON ecosystem. With this new proposal, we want to keep on building on top of what we have already achieved and cover those areas we lacked during the first one. We learned a lot about making the first season, we would love to create a second one.

The ICX Comic proposal centers on the development of visual explainers that translate ICON’s technical documentation and developments into a compelling and catchy narrative.

For Season 2, we intend to produce 6 more comics and 3 visual guides, this time focusing not only on specific ICON technology but also on the broader problems ICON aims to solve. We are targeting a larger audience, and we intend to keep expanding our public as the project evolves.

Season 1 - Report

ICX Comics: Report #1
ICX Comics: Report #2
ICX Comics: Report #3

According to the statistics of our accounts, more than 400,000 people saw and interacted with our posts.

Season 2

Among the main goals of ICX Comic, we highlight the need to bring new contributors and developers to the project and educate more people about ICON’s technology. We maintain our position of using visual content to drive engagement among the younger audience who use visual centered platforms like Instagram, Twitter.

As we said earlier, in addition to comics, we will create visual guides, explain in detail how to work with relevant products and the ecosystem as a whole.

We have decided to create ICX characters to explain different aspects of the ICON ecosystem. As example characters that explain ICX coin, I-score, Staking and Development.

What does the community get during Season 2?

  1. ICX Comics
  2. ICX Guides
  3. ICX characters

Between weekly publications, we plan to publish a variety of information directly related to the ICON blockchain, you can find an example of such posts on our Twitter account - ICXcomics

4. Project Duration

3 months

5. Project Milestones

Milestone 1 - The first month

Comic #10 - MyID
Comic #11 - Blockchain Transmission Protocol (BTP)
ICX Guide #1 - How to stake and
ICX character #1 - ICXman

Milestone 2 - The second month

Comic #12 - Will be added***
Comic #13 - Will be added
ICX Guide #2 - Will be added
ICX character #2 - Will be added

***This time we decided to use community feedback and will create a poll to choose the next topics

Milestone 3 - The third month

Comic #14 - Will be added
Comic #15 - Will be added
ICX Guide #3 - Will be added
ICX character #3 - Will be added

5. Funding Amount Requested

Each comic involves research, scripting, storyboarding, digital and graphic design, distribution in social media and promotional campaign. While the workload differs from comic to comic it could be rounded to:

Research: 3 man-hours ($20 per hour); $60
Scripting: 2 man-hour ($20 per hour); $40
Storyboarding: 2 man-hours ($20 per hour); $40
Digital and illustration design (+adapting): 12 man-hours ($35 per hour); $420
Posting on social networks: 1 man-hour ($20 per hour); $20
Customization ads campaign (banners and ads examples creation): 1 man-hour ($20 per hour); $20
Team: 1 Designer, 1 Writer, 1 SMM manager
Time: 24 man-hours
The total budget for one comic: $600

Research: 5 man-hours ($20 per hour); $100
Scripting: 5 man-hour ($20 per hour); $100
Digital and illustration design: 4 man-hours ($35 per hour); $140
Customization ads campaign: 1 man-hour ($20 per hour); $20
Team: 1 Designer, 1 Writer, 1 SMM manager
Time: 15 man-hours
The total budget for one comic: $360

ICX characters
Research: 5 man-hours ($20 per hour); $100
Digital and illustration design: 5 man-hours ($35 per hour); $175
Team: 1 Designer, 1 Writer, 1 SMM manager
Time: 10 man-hours
The total budget for one comic: $275

Total project budget : ($600 * 6) + ($360 * 3) + ($275 * 3) = $5 505 (=17 283 ICX; 1 ICX = $0.318 )

5. Official Team Name

ICX Comics

6. Team Contact Information

Telegram - t.me/geek_block

Twitter (ICXcomics),
Instagram (ICXcomics),
Medium (ICXcomics)
Reddit (ICXcomics)

7. Public Address (To receive the grant)


Initial Review Result Comments

Review Result


Review Comments

  • We are sorry for delay but would like more information. Please provide specific KPIs from Season 1 and targets for season 2. Please pick 3-5 of these types of KPIs for your project. I will give example below

  • KPI #1: Average Daily unique visitors to ICXcomics.com

    • Season #1: 100
    • Season #2 Target: 200

Hello, @Ben_Lee !

Sorry for so long reply, we don’t know how, but seems we missed your comment, did not even understand how it happened. In any case, we are happy to share more information with you.

KPI #1: Average Monthly Tweet impressions on twitter.com/ICXcomics

  • Season #1: 61 300
  • Season #2 Target: 100 000

KPI #2: Average retweets and likes of 1 post with a comic

  • Season #1: 20-30 / 50 - 60
  • Season #2 Target: 30 - 40 / 60 - 70

KPI #3: Average Monthly unique visitors to ICXcomics.com*

  • Season #1: 400

  • Season #2 Target: 800

  • We can increase the number of views of the site, but in the first season, we focused more on Twitter because the main audience is there.

KPI #4: Twitter Followers

  • Season #1: 370
  • Season #2 Target: 700

Below you can find the statistics for the past months

Initial Review Result Comments

Review Result


Review Comments

This was a tough one as our internal team struggled to come to an agreement for a while. It took us multiple meetings. This was not an easy decision. Internally, We are satisfied with the outcome of ICX Comics: Season 1. We all enjoyed every comic that was created.

However, we don’t believe it found a sufficient genuine fan base or audience within our general ICON community members for us to justify the continuation of the series.
We highly appreciate all the work that went into the series. Thank you.