[Grant Application] ICONPool v2

Grant Application


ICONPool UX revamp, liquidity mining, analytics dashboard, and Smart Routing - v2

Project Category :

Development: Defi (Automated Market Maker), Analytics

Project description :

Since ICONpool is live and working, we would like to improve the project in the upcoming months in terms of UX and features. The goal is to build a fundamental dapp that helps realize the dapp ecosystem on ICON as a basic building block.

It would consist of 4 major components -

  • ICONPool Frontend - While ICONPool works well on basic features, the dapp needs more work on the UX to intuitive users and liquidity providers. Hence we would like to improve the UX of ICONPool to make it easier to use and manage liquidity pools. It would include a frontend upgrade to iconpool.io. We would also add integrations with more wallets like a ledger and add advanced features such as slippage control on the system.

  • LP tokens staking and liquidity mining program

  • Analytics Dashboard - Building an analytics dashboard and a backend monitoring the live/hourly/daily activities of the protocol would help the users and liquidity providers alike. A similar equivalent of this dashboard, for uniswap, can be found at uniswap.info.

For example, some of the data includes trading volumes, price points, liquidity changes, pool fees, transactions across pools, etc.

  • ICONPool Score and smart routing - to build a scalable token economy and infrastructure, we are looking to upgrade the current score to enable pool-pool routing out of the box. Below is an example of smart auto-routing in works in uniswap.

Few other examples include https://sushiswap.fi and https://justswap.io.

Project duration :

The project is going to take four months in total of development following the milestones.

Project Milestones :

We want to implement this project in 4 milestones, measurable for a one month duration each :

Milestone 1 - Phase α: Revamped UX/UI integrated to current iconpool Dapp.

Milestone 2: Phase β: Smart Routing Score with advance features to manage slippage and ledger integration on iconpool.

Milestone 3: Phase δ: Deployment of Liquidity mining program, Integration with orbit bridge.

Milestone 4: Phase γ: Deployment of Analytics and Visualisation Dashboard and testing & going live on mainnet.

The detailed version of the milestones can be found in the document below -

Detailed ICONPool V2 Timeline

Funding amount requested :

One million ICX delegation for the duration of the project.

1 Blockchain Engineer - 4 * 3000 = 12,000 $

2 Full Stack Developers - 4 * 2 * 3000$ = 24,000 $

1 UI UX designer - 4 * 2000$ = 8000$

1 QA Tester - 4*2000$ = 8000$

ICONPool would take care of product management and would contribute $12,000 in the development costs as well.

Total requested = (52,000 - 12,000) = 40,000$ in duration of 4 month time ($10,000 per month)

Also, we request the ICON foundation to contribute some funds to liquidity pools to grow the protocol.

Official team name :

ICONPool P-rep team

Links -

General: https://iconpool.io

Blog: https://blog.iconpool.io

Contact Information :

Twitter: https://twitter.com/iconpoolio

Telegram: https://t.me/iconpool

Email - blockdevs@protonmail.com

Public Address :


Thank you for your consideration.

Really like what i am seeing here. The platforms Ui does need and upgrade and its great to see your tackling this first.

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Nice to see the focus on actual issues of the v1. Looking great.

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Have you considered GraphQL?

Were not sure what is behind the current ICON Tracker(could ICON Foundation make this open source it is not on Github) but ideally we would have generic tool that can scrape data from Blockchain and input to indexed relational database,. GraphQL would provide query driven API that provides a simple way for developers to build on top of (explorers, analytics , etc). Anyone could either run their own or a partner could run a service (like Infura)

As a reference architecture although there are many others https://github.com/iotexproject/iotex-analytics . The future of any explorer or analytics dashboard could than use the same GraphQL API and could be extended as necessary by community.

One could also look at using The Graph implementation similar to Uniswap V2 subgraph https://github.com/uniswap/uniswap-v2-subgraph , this is a bit different as it is using UniswapV2 contract only not full index of all Blockchain data one might want for more robust implementation.

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Great suggestions @metanyx , I agree that us teams in Icon ecosystem should invest some time to build subgraphs for the chain. We would dig more into graph protocol.

Also agreed that tracker should be open source and open for data access, it’s api would greatly help in improving the UX quality for dapps.

Initial Review Result Comments

Review Result

Wait for CPS

Review Comments

  • We’d like to request this project to be saved and applied to CPS, which will come soon, since ICON Community Grant Program is finished. Thank you for your efforts and we look forward to seeing this product launch.
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Hi @Aaron could i ask, how soon would your team be ready to working on version 2?
If you had the funding, what date could you start?

Hi given this is an inflight dapp already released I don’t believe it’s in icons best interest for this decision to be paused while we wait for cps. I would like to know if there was a vote for this to be put on hold and wait for cps? Iconpool is critical to the icon ecosystem and we can’t lose time on what is a much needed upgrade/functionality.
@Benny_Options this is a great example where we need to think what is more important. I would have a different view if this was a pitch for a new dapp proposel. I know, who am I in the scheme of things. Just my two cents.

Fez - thanks for chiming in and I see where you are coming from. But the reason this is asked to wait for CPS is because of the announcement in November that the ICON grant program will be secondary to the CPS going forward. https://medium.com/helloiconworld/icon-foundation-grant-program-2020-653b626abaeb

Yes exceptions could be made in extreme situations, but I wouldn’t say that this specific situation calls for an exception given that there are two functioning AMMs (ICONPOOL and Unifi) built on our network. But that’s just my opinion not necessarily that of the foundation

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