[Grant Application] ICON Superconnect: ICON Twitter Native Tipping Application (Video Demo Included)

1. Title: Superconnect: ICON Twitter Native Tipping Application (Video Demo included)

2. Project Category: Development

3. Project Description: For the past few weeks, we’ve been internally studying SCORE and working on developing an ICON Twitter tipping application.

We’ve currently finished developing a fully functioning version that is running internally on the testnet. It has a website and works natively on Twitter and you can view the internal demonstration video here:

This is a project we developed internally, and since it was the first time we developed using SCORE, we want to make sure we add additional functionalities while having ample testing and security audits done before it’s deployed on the main net.

At the moment, the application is working but only the most fundamental functions have been implemented.

The user flow from the perspective of users goes as follows:

  1. Eve logs into superconnect.io using their Twitter account through the official Twitter OAuth login.

  1. This immediately creates an ICON wallet that is designated to Eve’s Twitter ID. The wallet details are accessible to the user on the super connect site. In this case, Eve has deposited ICX to her account.

  1. On Twitter, if Jill replies to Eve’s tweet with “+20 @SuperconnectICX” to X’s Twitter post, 20 ICX will be deposited to the Superconnect wallet of Eve from Jill.
  • If Eve has a Superconnect account/wallet (i.e., she has logged in with her Twitter account at superconnect.io prior to the interaction) this ICX transfer happens immediately.

  • If Jill does not have a Superconnect account/wallet (i.e., she has not logged in with her Twitter account at superconnect.io prior to the interaction, this ICX transfer is held by a middle account for a certain time period).

  1. As you can see 20 ICX has been deposited to Eve’s ICX balance viewable on Superconnect. This can also be viewed on the tracker as the transactions happen instantly.

  1. In addition, Eve can withdraw this ICX from her Superconnect directly or she can decide to load her ICX wallet via ICONex as her private key is accessible. If she decides to send, she is immediately shown a transaction result on the tracker.

We believe that as Twitter is the overwhelming platform of choice for blockchain and crypto enthusiasts as well as ICONists, this is going to be a great and easy way to spread ICX (literally) as well as increase ICX social traffic.

In addition to increasing on chain transactions and wallets (created automatically/immediately every time someone logs into superconnect.io) via ICX transfers on ICON’s most active social platform, we want to work on improving the overall robustness of the application and add more functionalities over time that can allow other teams to use this app for ICON bounties and marketing efforts. We also aim to add support for ICX tokens in the future.

We hope that this project can be the start of many more internal projects in the future as we get acclimatized to developing on ICON.

Project Duration:

3 months

As you can see, we’ve completed the end to end application that is running on Twitter but we want to hire a more experienced developer to ensure the overall robustness of the application along with adding more functionalities in the coming weeks to ensure its security as this is an application that deals with user wallets and ICX.

5. Project Milestones:

  1. Testing and security audits (within 6~8 weeks)

  2. Deploying on main net + marketing upon launch (within 8 weeks)

  3. Adding additional functionalities and support for ICX tokens (within 12 weeks).

6. Funding Amount Requested:

Development: 2500 USD * 3 months

Designer fee: 1000 USD (one time fee)

Total: 8,500 USD across 3 months.

7. Official Team Name: ICON Hyperconnect

8. Team Contact Information:

9. Public Address: https://tracker.icon.foundation/address/hxd5059fec8665bc7b769f4893aef65cf00049377a

Hey Markus,

We are also working on the same thing which you can see the grant request here [Grant Application] Tipicon on Twitter I feel like your approach is like how the ibriz team make it and fall short on a lot of flexibility any future you can offer to users. I am curious how will this result. Last time we are in the same situation with the ibriz team and we both got rejected.

One major difference is that we have already developed a functioning app on the testnet as shown in the video demo.

I would also say that as a P-Rep, we have a somewhat significant ICON Twitter presence. Considering this project is essentially a social media (Twitter) tipping program, this is also going to be very important when marketing and driving usage for this product.

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I was talking about the technical approach more than what you guys did till this time. We also have the most basic transaction since that grant actually is a drop-down from this one which we collaborate with iconplus prep ICONPLUS & PICONBELLO 10X Social Medial Engagement Accelerator since this one rejected we want to go less feature plan we had

About the presence part yes we are not that present on Twitter (which is the biggest reason we collaborate with iconplus) and even when we are active we mostly spend our time on telegram because of tipping bot we have on telegram. Our approach helping dapps a lot even though it’s just Iconswap and Iconbet in this point. While we are working on our last grant we were totally absent and iconbet was doing promos and game releases all of that events also direct a lot of interaction to our bot. That’s why I comment about the wallet management approach this project take since it limits a lot and makes it much harder for you to more.

Either way it will be a good addition to icon ecosystem :crossed_fingers:

Initial Review Result Comments

Review Result


Review Comments

  • We appreciate the team taking the time to apply and the demo was especially helpful.
  • We have recently seen a similar proposal by @piconbello team’s Tipicon for Twitter, so unfortunately, we won’t be able to support this. We’re still considering Tipicon for Twitter and haven’t made the final decision.
  • Perhaps please coordinate with @piconbello to come up with a grant that includes additional functions besides tipping. Maybe piconbello team can work to add extra features to your existing bot because you have already developed most of it on testnet
  • We believe this might also be a good option for CPS once it launches in the coming months.