[Grant Application] ICON Protocol Integration on DappRadar

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1. Title
ICON protocol integration on DappRadar

2. Project Category

  • ICON protocol Integration (Development: dapp platform integration, protocol tracking and maintenance)

  • ICON protocol Marketing towards DappRadar and dapps community (promoting the protocol towards dapp developers and users)

3. Project Description

- Protocol integration and tracking. ICON will be listed and tracked on the largest dapps analytics platform on the market DappRadar. Data such as unique users, currency volume and transactions will be accurately tracked and displayed on the website. DappRadar data is well known for being the most accurate in the entire industry. Our tracking systems are the most advanced in the market that allows us to have a proper tracking of every blockchain protocol. Due to the accuracy of the data, DappRadar and tracked protocols receive a lot of attention from the media. Here are a couple of mentions from the media outlets:

There are hundreds of other mentions among the media proving that DappRadar data is the most accurate and the platform is fully capable of tracking ICON dapps properly.

- Introducing protocol to approx 100k DappRadar visitors per month. DappRadar is the most popular platform in the market since the early days in dapps space. DappRadar was the first dapps platform ever created and the platform is maintaining the lead role until now. ICON blockchain and dapps will be shown to the largest dapps users community. This will increase the awareness of the protocol as well as the popularity of the dapps and new users/developers joining the community.

- Filtering of artificial traffic. DappRadar is well known for filtering artificial/bots traffic in dapps and bringing transparency to the industry. This is why DappRadar is the most trusted source of data in the industry and it gets so many mentions on the media and in community platforms. Most industry experts know that DappRadar is the only dapps platform that displays real data while other platforms do not filter this and show inflated data. Displaying manipulated numbers is damaging to the reputation of the protocol and the entire company. Our team was the first one ever to start filtering manipulated data as we understand the importance of data accuracy in dapps industry and transparency: https://dappradar.com/blog/why-dappradar-is-stamping-down-on-deceptive-and-manipulated-traffic-data (article from DappRadar CEO about the data manipulation). DappRadar will bring transparency and trust from the dapps community by displaying ICON dapps data most accurately compared to other dapps platforms.

- Promoting protocol towards DappRadar and dapps community. ICON protocol and ICON dapps will be promoted on the largest dapps community by 2 weeks of non-stop promotion on DappRadar platform. The news about ICON integration will be spread around popular media outlets as well as DappRadar social media channels. This will help ICON to be discovered by dapps users and developers and ICON dapps will get more users and revenue to increase their development further.
A couple of articles and media mentions from the last protocol promotion campaign:

4. Project Duration

  • 3 months

5. Project Milestones

  1. Prepare the technical part of the integration (create customised tracking systems). Estimated time 2 months.

  2. Launch protocol tracking on DappRadar website (display tracked metrics on the website). Estimated time 2 weeks.

  3. Start marketing on DappRadar website, DappRadar social media channels and popular dapps media outlets and introduce various protocol ecosystem elements to the dapps community. Estimated time 2 weeks.

6. Funding Amount Requested

The required amount of funding is $50,000. This will cover:

  • Development costs for creating customised tracking systems and displaying them properly on the website (changing the layout of the page to include ICON section and add ICON dapps)

  • Marketing costs for promoting ICON protocol on DappRadar website, social media channels and other popular dapps media outlets

  • Maintaining the integrated systems to show the most accurate data of ICON dapps

7. Official Team Name

  • DappRadar

8. Team Contact Information

9. Public Address


Review Result Comments

Review Result


Review Comments

Thank you for applying for this program. This idea is great, and it would be really helpful to expand the ICON ecosystem. However, the ICON Foundation already funded several proposals related to Dapp aggregator so the Foundation doesn’t want to duplicate work. We will encourage other P-Reps that are passionate about this project to contribute to this grant.