[Grant Application] Icon Pilipinas Community Building Growth Accelerator

Icon Pilipinas Community Building Growth Accelerator

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Community Activities

Project Description

Across the globe, nobody spends more time per day on social media than the Philippines. As shown below, the average Filipino spends ~4 hours/day on social media.

Further, the Philippines is home to ~110 million people (13th largest country in the world, by population), comprised of a relatively young and growing demographics base that is already very familiar with using modern technology and devices.

With that said, blockchain technology is still a fresh concept here in the Philippines. Most people still don’t know what blockchain is or how it works. As such, our team at Icon Pilipinas wants to hyper-accelerate blockchain growth by educating the masses and common everyday people about ICON - The major benefits and why it should be a premiere blockchain project people here think about and use in the Philippines.

Since starting out as P-REP #105 in late February of 2020, our team has worked hard to grow the number of followers on our social media accounts, primarily focusing on:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IconPilipinas/


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqkwvlG2636SqqtjOYAxOhQ


Twitter: https://twitter.com/IconPilipinas


Telegram: https://t.me/icon_pilipinas


At present, Icon Pilipinas has established the largest ICON Facebook community, with 53k followers. Since inception, our team has consistently been producing marketing ads on Facebook, which from our May 2020 Transparency Report, generated the following numbers:

Facebook stats in May 2020:

Over 1.2 million reach, 1.497 million impressions, and 189k page engagement.

Here are some examples of past marketing ads that we have run on Facebook:

Although these type of aggressive FB marketing ad campaigns have helped us gain a lot more followers, it hasn’t come cheap (over $1,000 USD/month spent in May alone). However, we believe that the money spent to date has been well worth it because as a new team starting out, we felt the strong need to FIRST establish a solid foundation on social media, before reaching out to larger third party groups…

Which we have since started to pursue…

May 9: Live Q&A on Facebook with NomadFury

May 22: Binance Filipino AMA on Telegram ($500 prize pool)

May 24: Live Q&A on YouTube with CryptoCommunity Marketing Group

June 6: OKEx Filipino AMA on Telegram ($500 prize pool)

Now that we have established a more well-know presence within the Filipino crypto community, our team has every intention of hyper-accelerating ICON growth further (engagement is key), which we believe the grant program will allow us the ability to do, providing us the means to: schedule more AMA programs (providing a large enough prize pool each time to entice more users to join and participate in the event), live interviews, featured cover stories, etc.

Moving forward from here, we do have a list of third parties in mind who we would like to reach out to help us promote ICON next, however since talks are in their preliminary phase, we will refrain from mentioning specific names on this public forum. However, please feel free to reach out to us in private, if more details are desired.

In addition to running “standard” marketing ad campaigns on Facebook, in conjunction, we would like the ability to try and significantly boost our engagement by hosting regular short video segments, reaching out to our FB followers and offering small prizes, for things like: q&a about ICON, best comments/replies, raffles, giveaways, referrals, events, etc.

The grant would help us fund these type of activities and promotions. Depending on how much is approved, it might be very possible for us to hire full-time staff, dedicated to working on ICON exclusively.

The desired outcome would be opening up many more ICX wallets and generating lots more ICON network transactions via user activity (e.g., token transfers, using DApps, etc.).

In addition, our Telegram group has been one of the most active (if not the most active) ICON Telegram community chat rooms through the month of June, so far.

Icon Pilipinas Telegram stats (June 1 to June 22):

ICON Project Telegram stats (June 1 to June 22):

To boost engagement on our Telegram chat, we have made liberal use of the iBriz-ICONOsphere TipTap Bot, tipping more than any other chat to date.

TipTap Bot Data:

We believe that tools like TipTap Bot are integral in helping us better connect with the Pinoy audience, and getting more people in the Philippines HIGHLY INTERESTED in projects like ICON. With the grant, we will have more funding for things like: tips, raffles, in-person meet ups (when this is approved by local authorities and we get the green light that it is safe to do so).

In late May, our team hosted a MyIconWallet premiere event, heavily utilizing the TipTap Bot to help open up more wallets. In the first week of release alone, our Telegram chat helped open up 100+ new MyIconWallet accounts.

In the future, of course, we would love to host more events for new DApps released by P-REP teams, to help them further promote their work (and again, get our followers hooked on these products to produce many more transactions on the ICON network).

In addition, here is our most recent raffle campaign on Telegram:

Also, more resources would give us the ability to hire admins to help us better monitor/moderate/interact/ with our followers, and to help translate any questions, concerns from English to Filipino.

On the education side of things, our team regularly produces Medium articles, both in English and Tagalog, such as the following articles:

ICON (ICX) Project: Why It’s Legit

:point_right: https://medium.com/@iconpilipinas/icon-icx-project-why-its-legit-e8642136533a

ICON (ICX) Project: What’s in It for Me?

:point_right: https://medium.com/@iconpilipinas/icon-icx-project-whats-in-it-for-me-cf8ae70a5179

ICON (ICX) Project: How to Buy ICX Tokens in the Philippines

:point_right: https://medium.com/@iconpilipinas/icon-icx-project-how-to-buy-icx-tokens-in-the-philippines-92dcab106dee

ICON (ICX) Project: How to Open an ICONex Mobile Wallet

:point_right: https://medium.com/@iconpilipinas/icon-icx-project-how-to-open-an-iconex-mobile-wallet-4eebfcf724ed

ICON (ICX) Project: How to Open an ICONex Desktop Wallet

:point_right: https://medium.com/@iconpilipinas/icon-icx-project-how-to-open-an-iconex-desktop-wallet-d268c8968df

ICON (ICX) Project: How to Earn Staking Rewards Using ICONex Mobile Wallet

:point_right: https://medium.com/@iconpilipinas/icon-icx-project-how-to-earn-staking-rewards-using-iconex-mobile-wallet-dcb45f27f21d

ICON (ICX) Project: How to Earn Staking Rewards Using ICONex Desktop Wallet

:point_right: https://medium.com/@iconpilipinas/icon-icx-project-how-to-earn-staking-rewards-using-iconex-desktop-wallet-9c23c35a4473

ICON (ICX) Project: How to Open a MyIconWallet Mobile Wallet

:point_right: https://medium.com/@iconpilipinas/icon-icx-project-how-to-open-a-myiconwallet-mobile-wallet-f43a6b04275

ICON (ICX) Project: How to Earn Staking Rewards Using MyIconWallet Mobile Wallet

:point_right: https://medium.com/@iconpilipinas/icon-icx-project-how-to-earn-staking-rewards-using-myiconwallet-mobile-wallet-8855e700bab6

ICON articles in Tagalog:

Ang ICON (ICX) Project: Bakit Ito Lehitimo

:point_right: https://medium.com/@iconpilipinas/ang-icon-icx-project-bakit-ito-lehitimo-ac81cbac66a7

Ang ICON (ICX) Project: Anong Dulot Nito sa Akin?

:point_right: https://medium.com/@iconpilipinas/ang-icon-icx-project-anong-dulot-nito-sa-akin-9c29d0a51cdb

ICON (ICX) Project: Paano magbukas ng MyIconWallet para sa Mobile

:point_right: https://medium.com/@iconpilipinas/icon-icx-project-paano-magbukas-ng-myiconwallet-para-sa-mobile-c65f0a093da1

ICON (ICX) Project: Paano kumita ng Staking Rewards gamit ang MyIconWallet para sa Mobile

:point_right: https://medium.com/@iconpilipinas/icon-icx-project-paano-kumita-ng-staking-rewards-gamit-ang-myiconwallet-para-sa-mobile-1a0465869b55

Blockchain Basics in Tagalog:

Mga Basic ng Blockchain: Iba’t Ibang Klase ng Network (Unang Bahagi)

:point_right: https://medium.com/@iconpilipinas/mga-basic-ng-blockchain-ibat-ibang-klase-ng-mga-network-part-1-99a338b5ef0a

Mga Basic ng Blockchain — Salaping Kripto at Teknolohiya sa likod nito (Ika-2 Bahagi)

:point_right: https://medium.com/@iconpilipinas/mga-basic-ng-blockchain-salaping-kripto-at-teknolohiya-sa-likod-nito-b24d4dcd6b71

Mga Basic ng Blockchain: Ang Consensus Algorithm (Ika-3 Bahagi)

:point_right: https://medium.com/@iconpilipinas/mga-basic-ng-blockchain-ang-consensus-algorithm-ika-3-bahagi-1a1bbcb1aee8

Mga Basic ng Blockchain: Ang Trilemma (Ika-4 Bahagi)

:point_right: https://medium.com/@iconpilipinas/mga-basic-ng-blockchain-ang-trilemma-ika-4-bahagi-9ce9e03f6b39

We would like to be able to continue producing more original content, and particularly Tagalog translations of articles we deem most critical to ICON adoption in the Philippines. For example, just recently, our team prioritized translating our articles covering MyIconWallet in Tagalog, knowing that it would ease the learning curve greatly to new members of our Telegram chat, and FB page.

Furthermore, we have been working closely with P-REP teams like ICONbet Community to help translate their content to Tagalog, which we know has a strong impact on the ICON PH community (where a dedicated following has started to build).

On YouTube, our team remains highly committed to recording videos to help break down key events happening at ICON, for a more mainstream audience.

For example:

LFT 2.0:

IISS 3.0:

BTP 1.0

In our latest video, BTP 1.0, our team introduced some animation and an intro, which we think did much to boost the production quality of our videos. Moving forward, we would love to be able to have the funds available to hire an animator/graphics designer, on a regular basis, to help us enhance things further. The BTP 1.0 video currently has 47 likes on YouTube, and we’ve received the most positive feedback to date, from this one video.

Also, as outlined in our roadmap, our original intentions with filming have always been to produce VLOG-style content. However, given the dynamics of the current situation (Manila is currently still under General Community Quarantine), we have to be flexible and adapt to our environment. When the setting permits, we look forward to getting out there and interacting with people in some/many of our videos.

Looking further down the road, once we’ve helped ICON gain sufficient traction in the Philippines, it would be in our strongest desire to not only reach out to fellow P-REP teams to figure out which DApps could be built here for local use, but to consistently have new ones to share with our growing audience. We think this would be the next phase necessary in hyper-accelerating ICON growth in the Philippines.

In the land of Facebook, Viber, Grab, etc. first-mover advantage means EVERYTHING in the Philippines.

Once Pinoys are hooked onto something, it’s tough for them to leave and use something else; there is a deep sense of loyalty. That is why for ICON to succeed here, time is of the essence, and it’s essential to get the word out as much as possible. Since the beginning, our mission at Icon Pilipinas has been to help hyper-accelerate ICON growth and uptake here so that it will be well positioned to become a major dominant blockchain project in the Philippines.

Project Milestones
Promoting and growing the number of ICONists in the Philippines on a daily basis, 24/7, across our various social media platforms.

Please see our past transparency reports for data points on our continued growth:

Icon Pilipinas: Our First Month! Achievements (And Thoughts)

Icon Pilipinas: April 2020 Transparency Report

Funding Amount Requested
$24,000 over 6 months ($4,000/month).

Official Team Name
Icon Pilipinas

Team Contact Information

Public Address

Thank you very much for your time and consideration! Please do not hesitate to reach out to our team with any questions, concerns you may have. We look forward to hearing back from you.

Overall I like your proposal and I know you are one of our great P-Rep candidates. However, could you add specific KPI to achieve in more 6 month, preferably set up by monthly and give us detail explanation on why you need $4000 per month? thanks!

Hello Dr. ICON,

Thank you so much for the prompt reply. We will reach out to you to go over any missing information and clarify full details to try and answer any questions that you may have. Cheers!

Here is a KPI breakdown we have outlined for the grant, which we think is realistically achievable:

First month:

  • Launch ICX Daily News Facebook videos (to boost engagement), offering prizes for activity/responses.

  • Launch ICON Quiz Game on Telegram (to boost engagement and encourage user research + study of ICON Project), offering prizes to winners and for referrals.

  • Continue averaging ~1.0 million FB post reaches/month.

  • Continue boosting Telegram user growth, offering another raffle (we gave away 600 ICX on the last one and achieved goal of 600 members). We would like to soon start the process of getting to 1,000 members.

  • Continue looking for AMA and marketing opportunities to grow ICON.

2nd month:

  • Launch ICON Audiobook series in Tagalog (for those who prefer listening to new material, as opposed to reading our Medium articles).

  • Launch more aggressive ICON Promotional Video Marketing Campaigns (on Facebook, Telegram, YouTube, Twitter), featuring improved graphics/animations (relative to our previous videos produced in the past).

  • Start more aggressively promoting new ICON DApps on our Facebook and Telegram channels; working closely and collaborating with P-REP developers, inviting them to our social media channels to promote their DApps.

*For reference: In late May, our team had a MyIconWallet “premier event”, opening up 100+ wallets over the first weekend. We want to keep the pipeline full, to keep engaging our users to be more active with ICON DApps.

3rd month:

  • Current target is to achieve > 2,000 members on our Icon Pilipinas Telegram chat, which would make Icon Pilipinas the second largest ICON chat (after official ICON Project); our chat has become the most active ICON Telegram group chat since June 1.

  • At this stage of growth, we are confident that we will have a strong/large enough user base in place to start serious discussions with P-REP teams about importing/creating DApps targeted specifically at the user base of the Philippines. With our loyal followers in place, it will become a lot easier to mass market and promote word-of-mouth growth of new ICON DApps on a regular basis, 24/7, across our various social media platforms.

*Since our actual growth rate is to be determined, if experienced growth occurs faster than outlined, we can always move these tasks up in time, prioritizing their start sooner.

  • In an effort to promote further community building and education, we would like to invite P-REP developers to teach/educate our Pinoy audience/followers on “How to start programming on ICON 101” training sessions, online, via virtual meet ups. Our team will sponsor + market these events.

Months 4-6:

  • We would greatly like to expand our reach outside of just the realm of focusing on the crypto sphere, where after enough time, it can have an “echo chamber” type of effect/impact (i.e., everybody knows everybody, already). With sufficient growth, our team would like to reach out to Pinoy social media influencers, and further provide a signal boost to ICON here in the Philippines.

  • With the right growth and momentum, it may be feasible at this stage of ICON’s growth (and our own) to start targeting local small businesses, universities, to accelerate ICON adoption even more (however, please note, these type of events are especially difficult to plan and coordinate, given the global backdrop at this point in time).

  • Achieve 100k followers on Facebook and 3,000 members on Telegram, at the end of Month 6.

In regards to budget, the grant will help cover the following:

  • Facebook marketing ad campaigns (targeting 1 million post reach/month). Telegram Marketing ad campaigns, raffles, and q&a games, AMA events (which feature prize pools that can require $500/event ; e.g., Binance Filipino, OKEx Filipino, etc.), other marketing opportunities/collaboration work, any local meet-ups (for food and drinks; as permitted, when the right time arrives), giveaways/raffles on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, tipping bot (which our team makes liberal use of on a regular basis on Telegram), etc. all with the intention of accelerating ICON growth.

  • Converting co-founders/team leaders to full-time staff, who will oversee all activities and events, write and publish all original articles, record, edit, and produce all original videos.

  • Tagalog translations of our Medium articles, Tagalog translations of ICON Daily everyday, full-time Facebook admin.

  • Tagalog Audiobooks on Medium articles and relevant ICON information, news releases that the team prioritizes as most important to share in Tagalog on Audiobook format.

  • Graphics design + animation work for YouTube educational videos, marketing promos for key ICON news releases/events, product designs (e.g., t-shirts, team merchandise to foster local community building).

We have also reached out to you and sent additional details pertaining to sensitive information, and also further explanations to some of the items highlighted above.

As always, please feel free to reach out to our team if you have any additional questions, concerns.

Best regards!

Initial Review Result Comments

Review Result


Review Comments

  • Thank you for the elaboration on your strategy and we are excited for your efforts

  • For KPIs we actually mean something different than what you provide. Here is example of what we mean using your telegram group as an example

    • KPI #1 - # of Members in telegram group
      • Current: 1,200
      • Target: 3,000
  • This example is how we can measure success of your initiative very specifically based on your own targets and reasonable goals over 3 months period. Please provide 3-5 of these numbers in response and we will approve the grant.

Good day Dr. ICON,

Thank you again for your response. Here are some internal KPIs we are guiding towards:

KPI #1: Number of members in Telegram group
Current: 1,250
Target: 1,500 (after 1 month)
Target: 2,200 (after 3 months)

KPI #2: User engagement on Telegram
Current: 1,139 messages/day (average in June)
Target: 1,500 to 2,000 messages/day (after 1 month)
Target: 2,000 to 3,000 messages/day (after 3 months)
Target: Become and sustain being the most active ICON group chat in all of Telegram.

KPI #3: Facebook reach
Current: 237k (total in June; spending was reduced dramatically last month due to budget constraints)
Target: 1.0 million/month (each month for duration of grant)

KPI #4: Number of ICON-focused promotional events (AMAs, live interviews, featured stories, raffles, ICON promotional events hosted on our social media channels, etc)
Current: 3
Target: 5-6/month (each month for duration of grant)

KPI #5: Number of YouTube subscribers
Current: 342
Target: 500 (after 1 month)
Target: 1,000 (after 3 months)

We hope these figures look reasonable and our team absolutely can’t wait to start executing our game plan to further accelerate ICON growth.

Best regards.
Icon Pilipinas team

Final Review Result Comments

Review Result

Approved with revised conditions

Review Comment

Thank you for your application and for all the efforts you already put into growing ICON in your region. There is lots of activity in your community and we think it is important to grow our network in the Philippines. We decided to approve 12,000 of this grant for three months first. If you are successful in making your KPIs please apply again for another three month period and we will evaluate again.

Reporting Period

Grant recipients should produce Periodic Reports in order to continue to receive grant funding. If the Periodic Report is showing that the initiative is not meeting expectations, the ICON Foundation has the option to halt continued funding. Please check the link (ICON Community Grant Program (“ICON CGP”)) and leave reports on this page (https://forum.icon.community/c/g/pr)

The team must submit the Periodic Report by the timeframes below (UTC):

  • 2020/07/22 02:00 AM (UTC)
  • 2020/08/20 02:00 AM (UTC)
  • 2020/09/20 02:00 AM (UTC)

Funding Amount

The ICON Foundation is going to give out $12,000 in 3 monthly installments based on the Periodic Report. The amount of ICX will be determined and paid according to the price at 02:00 AM (UTC) on the day of payment.

  • 2020/07/24 02:00 AM (UTC) - $4,000
  • 2020/08/24 02:00 AM (UTC) - $4,000
  • 2020/09/24 02:00 AM (UTC) - $4,000

Thank you so much to ICON Foundation for your belief and confidence in our team; this really means a lot to us.

We are very humbled and extremely excited to have these additional resources available to help us accelerate ICON growth in the Philippines. We think the timeline and revised conditions are justified, and we look forward to delivering on these KPIs and much more.

Best regards,
Icon Pilipinas team