[Grant Application] Enhanced ICON Telegram FAQ and ICON Alert Bots with Intelligence

Enhanced ICON Telegram FAQ and ICON Alert Bots with Intelligence

Project Category
Development / Community

Project Description
ICON community uses Telegram as a primary communication platform. The basic Telegram features can be customized and enhanced whereby ICONist can get much more valuable information about ICON. With this in mind iBriz-ICONOsphere has created two bots.

  1. P-Rep FAQ Chatbot: provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding the P-reps.
  2. ICON Alert Bot: provides various alerts regarding wallet transactions, I-Score, ICONists, and P-Reps rewards.

Many in the ICON community are already using these bots and the feedback has been very positive. Some of them have asked for additional features which we are happy to provide.

So far we have used our rewards funds and additional internal resources to develop these products. We are seeking additional grant money to continue to work on this project. The community can benefit from the ease of information availability. We can also attract new members who hear about ICON through these mediums.

Existing features available on the FAQ Chatbot:

  1. Answers to questions asked by the users based on Frequently asked questions.

  2. What is the remaining time for the I-Score Distribution and Next Term Cycle?

  3. What is the status of a P-Rep candidate? This includes information such as ranking, total votes, productivity, I-Score claim count and other details.

  4. What exactly is the number of votes needed to get to the top 22?

  5. What is the vote difference between 2 P-Reps?

References: P-Rep FAQ Chatbot Article

Existing features on the ICON Alert bot already developed by iBriz-ICONOsphere:

  1. P-Rep Subscription Features:
    a. I-Score Distribution

    • Notifies the user on I-Score distribution with the total Productivity and the I-Score Reward obtained from the term.

    b. Vote Monitor

    • Notification on the Change in votes includes New voter, up/down on votes and if anyone unvotes the prep.

    c. Node Status

    • Notification of change of status of the node.

    d. Whale Transactions

    • Notifies the users if a whale transaction occurs on the icon network.

  1. ICONists Subscription Features:
    a. I-Score Distribution:
    notifies the user on I-Score distribution with the and the I-Score Reward obtained from the term.

    b. Unstake Alert:
    notifies the user if unstake has been done from the wallet.

    c. Icon Traders:
    notifies the user with the icon price(USD, BTC), 24H volume, market Cap, total supply, current supply, delegated ICX and Staked ICX.

    d. Whale Transactions: notifies users if a whale transaction occurs on the icon network.
    Transactions: notifies if a transaction has been done from the wallet.

Reference: ICON Alert Bot Article

Proposed Feature Enhancement through the requested grant fund.

FAQ Chatbot related Enhancement:

  1. Localization in Korean language: ICON started from South Korea and there is a major following and adoption there. We plan to start localizing our bots in the Korean Language for conversational small talks as well as for technical replies. This involves both understanding the queries written in English or Korean with Natural Language Understanding (NLU) algorithms, and also replying answers to them using Natural Language Generation (NLG) algorithms. In future we plan to extend this in other languages as well according to the demand and community feedback.
    a. Command results in the Korean Language
    b. Support for freeform text question in both English and Korean language

  2. Optimized System through AI/ML: At present, the telegram bot uses a traditional algorithms of pattern matching for text ie. cosine similarity algorithm and Bag-of-words algorithm, to determine what users are saying and replying to them with predefined answers. This made the bot less conversational.

    To enhance the bot, we plan to experiment with some more advanced Natural Language Processing based language models such as GLoVe, Word2Vec with more powerful Machine Learning libraries including Tensorflow and/or Pytorch.

    We also have plans for a scalable and faster data pipeline to handle more users giving them better personalized and intelligent experience for higher user engagement and retention rates.
    The data pipelines will be able to handle new data from various content that ICON foundation or ICON community comes up with and learn from them.

ICON Alert bot related Enhancement:

  1. Import Voter Graph Chart:
    In the ICON Alert bot, we plan to have a feature where a user can view a time-series graph of their selected P-Reps. This graph will show how P-Reps are doing since the start of the decentralization to now.

  2. Top gainers and losers on P-Rep for the most recent term.

  3. Customization of Topic of Interest
    Users will be able to subscribe to the sub-topics within ICON Project to stay up to date. This will not only filter user’s preferences but help them stay focused and informed on their preferences.

Project Duration

3 to 4 months from acceptance of the grant proposal.

Resource Allocation:

Including our existing members who are developing the chatbots, we will be needing 6 new members to execute this project. Their roles and remuneration are also included below:

  • 2 AI/ML development - $8000
  • 1 Data pipeline engineer (AWS focused) - $4500
  • 1 Chatbot developer - $4000
  • 1 Korean Translator - $1500
  • 1 Telegram marketing/ Social media marketing- $1500
  • Aws cost - $1000 (12 month running costs - assuming instance of c5.xlarge - 4 cores / 8 GiB)

Funding Amount Requested

Total project cost: $20,500
In-house Funding provided: $7,000           
Funding requested: $13,500  ( $4,500 in monthly installment for 3 months)

Project Milestones

Milestone-1 ( Month 1)

  • Data collection from various sources such as Telegram, Reddit
  • Data pipeline design and testing
  • Model testing with existing data
  • Korean Translation on currently available data
  • FAQ Chatbot backend model and language interfaces design
  • ICON Alert Bot voter graph chart - data capture
  • ICON Alert Bot - data capture from telegram and Reddit

Milestone-2 ( Month 2)

  • Data cleanups
  • Model testing continuation
  • Data pipeline deployment
  • Korean translation of new data
  • FAQ chatbot integration with new model
  • Marketing initiation with sample screenshots in Korean language targeting Korean communities.
  • ICON Alert Bot voter graph chart - data and image integration
  • ICON Alert Bot - Iconist topic of interest related work
  • ICON Alert Bot - top gainers and losers data collection persistence

Milestone-3 (Month 3)

  • FAQ Chatbot testing and preparation for production deployment
  • ICON Alert Bot testing and preparation for production deployment
  • Go live of FAQ chatbot and ICON Alert Bot.

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Review Result Comments

Review Result


Review Comments

Thank you for applying for this program and sorry for the late response. We have went through this proposal very carefully. This sounds very interesting, and it would be really helpful to expand the ICON ecosystem. However, ICON Foundation is focusing on the growth of the transaction volume and developer community at the moment. Therefore, we think we can put our funding to use in more direct ways to contribute to our KPIs. Thanks for your efforts.