[Grant Application]Dapp Data Integration on DappReview (Binance Ecosystem)


Dapp Data Integration on DappReview (Binance Ecosystem)

Project Description

As part of the Binance Ecosystem, DappReview is the world’s leading data-driven decentralized applications (dapps) platform, dedicating to deliver accurate dapp data, newest dapp information, user insights and market analytics/reports. Now we are tracking over 4200 Dapps running on 14 protocols.

Our Advantages:

  • Monthly Unique Visitors - 120 -160K [See attachment #1 below]
  • Collaboration with Binance Research on reports - [Defi Series] [2019 Annual Report]
  • Collaboration with Binance Launchpad on Dapp investment / token listing
  • Full package of services for dapp developers from fund-raising, product development to marketing / promotion.
  • Data cited and quoted by influential crypto media and research institute, venture capital. Eg. Cointelegraph, decrypt, CoinDesk, Bitcoin.com, stateofcrypto, etc

Project Category


Phase 1:

  • ICON on-chain data integration, analytics computing scripts and pipeline, data cleaning and processing
  • Exclusive ICON section on DappReview, listing all the ICON dapps and ranking [Explore page on DappReview]
  • Dapp page with detailed analytics for each ICON Dapps[Dapp Page Example]
  • DeFi projects running on ICON will be listed and tracked on the DeFi section [DeFi Section]

Phase 2:

A brand new analytical product from DappReview, will release on Q2.The detailed info will be disclosed later.

Marketing (apply to both Phase 1& 2)

  • Integration and listing press release on all channels
  • Listing giveaways and promotions [Example on attachment #2]
  • Free Advertising spots for ICON Dapps on DappReview homepage and explore page [Examples on attachment #3]
  • Upcoming research reports will include ICON
  • Potential investment opportunities from Binance for promising Dapp teams and projects

Values to ICON

  • Bring more developers from other protocols and Binance X to get familiar and start building with ICON technology
  • Help ICON builders and Dapps get more exposure to the larger Dapp community [ICONbet Giveaway with DappReview]
  • As a trusted data-driven platform acquired by Binance, listing on DappReview will add credits to the entire ICON ecosystem

Project Duration & Milestones

Phase 1 (4 weeks)

  • Research on ICON blockchain (1 week, done)
  • Integration work (2 week, already started)
  • Update front-end and testing (1-2 weeks)

Phase 2 (TBD)

Will update details on Q2

Funding Amount Requested

  • Phase 1 - 30,000 USD worth of ICX ( February - March)
  • Phase 2 - 30,000 USD worth of ICX ( Q2 2020)

Now we are submitting this Grant Application mainly for Phase 1. When Phase 2 product is ready, we will update the application/submit a new one for evaluation.

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  1. Monthly traffic (Google Analytics)
  2. 202K Impression of Example Giveaway & Promotion event
  3. Homepage banner example