[Grant Application]Dapp Data Integration on DappReview (Binance Ecosystem)


Dapp Data Integration on DappReview (Binance Ecosystem)

Project Description

As part of the Binance Ecosystem, DappReview is the world’s leading data-driven decentralized applications (dapps) platform, dedicating to deliver accurate dapp data, newest dapp information, user insights and market analytics/reports. Now we are tracking over 4200 Dapps running on 14 protocols.

Our Advantages:

  • Monthly Unique Visitors - 120 -160K [See attachment #1 below]
  • Collaboration with Binance Research on reports - [Defi Series] [2019 Annual Report]
  • Collaboration with Binance Launchpad on Dapp investment / token listing
  • Full package of services for dapp developers from fund-raising, product development to marketing / promotion.
  • Data cited and quoted by influential crypto media and research institute, venture capital. Eg. Cointelegraph, decrypt, CoinDesk, Bitcoin.com, stateofcrypto, etc

Project Category


Phase 1:

  • ICON on-chain data integration, analytics computing scripts and pipeline, data cleaning and processing
  • Exclusive ICON section on DappReview, listing all the ICON dapps and ranking [Explore page on DappReview]
  • Dapp page with detailed analytics for each ICON Dapps[Dapp Page Example]
  • DeFi projects running on ICON will be listed and tracked on the DeFi section [DeFi Section]

Phase 2:

A brand new analytical product from DappReview, will release on Q2.The detailed info will be disclosed later.

Marketing (apply to both Phase 1& 2)

  • Integration and listing press release on all channels
  • Listing giveaways and promotions [Example on attachment #2]
  • Free Advertising spots for ICON Dapps on DappReview homepage and explore page [Examples on attachment #3]
  • Upcoming research reports will include ICON
  • Potential investment opportunities from Binance for promising Dapp teams and projects

Values to ICON

  • Bring more developers from other protocols and Binance X to get familiar and start building with ICON technology
  • Help ICON builders and Dapps get more exposure to the larger Dapp community [ICONbet Giveaway with DappReview]
  • As a trusted data-driven platform acquired by Binance, listing on DappReview will add credits to the entire ICON ecosystem

Project Duration & Milestones

Phase 1 (4 weeks)

  • Research on ICON blockchain (1 week, done)
  • Integration work (2 week, already started)
  • Update front-end and testing (1-2 weeks)

Phase 2 (TBD)

Will update details on Q2

Funding Amount Requested

  • Phase 1 - 30,000 USD worth of ICX ( February - March)
  • Phase 2 - 30,000 USD worth of ICX ( Q2 2020)

Now we are submitting this Grant Application mainly for Phase 1. When Phase 2 product is ready, we will update the application/submit a new one for evaluation.

Official Team Name


Team Contact Information


Public Address



  1. Monthly traffic (Google Analytics)
  2. 202K Impression of Example Giveaway & Promotion event
  3. Homepage banner example

Initial Review Result Comments

Review Result

Approval pending on revised conditions

Review Comments

This project is a good path to meeting the ICON ecosystem and the Binance ecosystem. ICON Foundation very welcome this project and would like to support this project. However, we would like to ask your team to adjust the Funding Amount more reasonably. We will only cover 20,000 USD of the costs and we encourage other P-Reps that are passionate about this project to contribute to this grant.

If your team agrees to the revised condition, grants will be funded.

Next Procedure

ICON Foundation provided the Initial Review Result Comments on the proposal. Grants recipients will respond to the foundation’s response. If the recipient finally agrees on the outcome of the ICON Foundation, the foundation will provide the Final Review Result Comments.

Thanks for the feedback!

After our internal discussion, we accept the adjustment on Funding Amount.

Progress -
DappReview has started the integration work right after the grant application submission.
Now we are doing the final testing work this week, and aiming to launch the ICON section in next week.

DappReview Team

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Final Review Result Comments

Review Result


Reporting Period

Grant recipients should produce Periodic Reports in order to continue to receive grant funding. If the Periodic Report is showing that the initiative is not meeting expectations, the ICON Foundation has the option to halt continued funding. Please check the link (ICON Community Grant Program (“ICON CGP”)) and leave reports on this page (https://forum.icon.community/c/g/pr)

The team must submit the Periodic Report by the timeframes below (UTC):

  • 2020/04/25 02:00 AM (UTC)

Funding Amount

The ICON Foundation is going to give out $20,000 in 1 monthly installments based on the Periodic Report. The amount of ICX will be determined and paid according to the price at 02:00 AM (UTC) on the day of payment.

  • 2020/04/26 02:00 AM (UTC) - $20,000

Hey BongAn,

We have submitted the Periodic Report here - https://forum.icon.community/t/report-dapp-integration-on-dappreview/658

Let us know if any questions

DappReview Team

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