[Grant Application] Building an application to show the productivity of PRep's that has received CPS grants

Problem Statement

The major idea behind this app is to maintain transparency. I was going through the proposal history page on the CPS website. There I saw multiple teams have done so many great projects, meanwhile I also saw many projects that weren’t complete. With the increasing popularity of ICON CPS, the challenge of tracking the productivity of PReps is also increasing.


The major objective of this project is to give the knowledge to all the PReps while voting for a proposal based on the evaluation of teams contribution history. PReps might find it difficult to look into all the projects and their success rate, the contribution made by the team and the sponsored PReps so far, so this project maintains all the data and shows it to the users in a dashboard with analytics.

Possible Features

  1. The app will show all the proposals applied by a team till date.
  2. The number of proposals accepted, rejected, completed and disqualified of a team will be shown.
  3. Data analysis based on the teams will be shown (data based on sponsor rather than teams might be more meaningful)
  4. Teams with the most success rate and contribution will be shown in order.
  5. Leaderboard table like emerging PRep, most productive, unproductive, etc.
  6. Showing ProposalsWe filtered by team, sponsor, month(period count), etc
  7. Stats page to be shown with Real time Cost explorer on CPS

I am planning to work with CPS development team to integrate these features into the existing CPS website for its effectiveness during the voting process.