[Grant Application] Bonsai Exchange - NFT collectible game on ICON

1. Title

Bonsai Exchange

ICON Hyperhack Hackathon: NFT & Gaming Grand Prize

2. Project Category

Development (NFT collectible game)

3. Project Description

Bonsai Exchange is a game built on the ICON blockchain platform. Run on the web platform, where players can collect, buy, sell or exchange Bonsai (which are NFT tokens according to IRC-3 standard) like other NFT market places.

Bonsai after being purchased by the user will generate over time 1 amount of Oxygen token (standard IRC-2). The received oxygen tokens can be accumulated to buy other bonsai. Price of a bonsai is depended on it’s characteristics, level or rarity. Players fully have the ability to see the bonsai garden of friends or others.

In addition to the above mentioned things, Bonsai Exchange will also build its own Farming mechanism (which is a very hot keyword in the Blockchain community recently). Users staking cryptocurrencies in the game can earn and make profits from derivative tokens.

4. Project Duration

5 Months

5. Project Milestones

We break the development roadmap into 3 phase:

  1. Phase 1: Brush up app
  • Game functional adjustment
  • Add friends & visit friends garden
  • Top farmer/Leader board
  • Create Game Tutorial
  • Google analytics integration
  1. Phase 2
  • Craft Bonsai: pay fee to craft new bonsai, high risk high return
  • Realtime API (location/weather) to change background
  • Referal System
  1. Phase 3
  • Bonsai market place/Integrate with others NFT market place/auction
  • Export API for 3rd party/app integrate with bonsai
  • Farming System

Development timeline as bellow:
End of December

  • Current app bugs fixing, Design new specs

  • What to delivery: new specs for next phases development

End of February

  • Redesign app ui

  • Design/buy game sounds

  • Complete phase 1 functions

  • What to delivery: Completed phase 1 functions app with new design

End of March

  • Complete phase 2 functions

  • What to delivery: Completed phase 2 functions app with new design

End of April

  • Complete phase 3 functions

  • What to delivery: Completed phase 3 functions app with new design

6. Funding Amount Requested

Total cost for 3 phase development and design is 54,660 USD, you can checkout our detail estimate at here


Our team have 3 full time blockchain developers, can increase to 5 if needed, and a director. We are looking for a game designer to redesign app ui and bonsai assets, and for further community growth, we also want to hire a community supporter to keep twitter, medium and telegram always up to date.

About game sounds, we are going to buy some game resource on online market.

Of course with new ui and new asset design, app will look greater, but in case we cannot find out the appropriate designer soon as expected, we still want to deliver all new features as soon as possible with current UI.

So at this stage, our request fund is 42000$, for we expected that start from mid December :

■ Current app bugs fixing and redesign new specs: Total 3000 USD

at this stage we need only 1 director and 1 developer

  • 1director x 0.5 month x 4000 = 2000 USD

  • 1 blockchain developer x 0.5 month x 2000 = 1000 USD

■ Phase 1: Total 19000 USD

director and designer will use full effort for first month to deliver specs and design, 3 blockchain developers works full effort for 2 months

  • 1 Full-time designer x 1 month x 3000 = 3000 USD

  • 1 director x 1 month x 4000 = 4000 USD

  • 3 Full-time blockchain developers x 2 month x 2000 = 12000 USD

■ Phase 2: Total 10000 USD

  • 3 Full-time blockchain developers x 1 month x 2000 = 6000 USD

  • 1 director x 1 month x 4000 = 4000 USD

■ Phase 3: Total 10000 USD

  • 3 Full-time blockchain developers x 2 month x 2000 = 6000 USD

  • 1 director x 1 month x 4000 = 4000 USD

7. Official Team Name

Bonsai Team

8. Team Contact Information

9. Public Address


Initial Review Result Comments

Review Result

Wait for CPS

Review Comments

  • Unfortunately, ICON Community Grant Program has ended on November 30, 2020. Please see Blog Post.
  • For consideration for this project, please apply to the Contribution Proposal System (CPS) which will be available end of Dec or early Jan next year.
  • We’d love to have more developers on the ICON project. We’ll contact you separately to see how we can get you more involved.