[Grant Application] Atomic Wallet Proposal

We are seeking funds to develop a mobile (Apple and Android) and desktop wallet for the ICON blockchain. The scope of this grant is to build wallet integration functionality.

Project Description:

Atomic Wallet is a non-custodial wallet that provides asset management in a single interface. Features of Atomic wallet include:

  • Desktop and Mobile apps
  • 20+ blockchains support
  • All ERC20 and BEP2 tokens
  • Portfolio management
  • Instant exchanging
  • Buy/Sell crypto with Visa/Master Card
  • Trading desk (soon)

Android and IOS app

Native interface for staking

User stats:

  • Over 200K app downloads across desktop and mobile platforms
  • Over 90K monthly active users:
    • 35% North America
    • 30% Eastern Europe
    • 35% other countries

Comparison vs. other wallet providers

  • Strongly experienced team with a few years on the crypto-currency market
  • Common wallet core for all platforms, developed from the scratch on cutting edge technology with common open-source libraries usage
  • Quick integration for the new blockchains and any tokens support
  • Marketing growth hacking team with SEO, affiliate and community management experience
  • Highly educated 24/7 support team with less than 30 minutes response
  • One of the most easy to use interface for mass adoption
  • Unique membership and affiliate program with AWC token

Private key management

  • Non-custodial wallet - you fully control your crypto
  • 12 words backup seed phrase for all assets
  • Encrypted keys storage on local device only
  • Recovery on any device with BIP44 support


Excellent community ratings: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/atomicwallet.io

Project Duration: We expect this to take 3 weeks to fully integrate.

Project Funding request: 3BTC worth of ICX

Team contact: Andrew Kono - Head of Business Development (andrewk@atomicwallet.io)

Public ICX address to receive grant: hx6b49beb6b22fbbd2a6a9c2cb59c1071d6938fd96

We look forward to being part of the ICON ecosystem, thanks!

Hey guys - quick question. How does your wallet handle Proof of Stake protocols? Would you support ICON staking + voting? Would you stake + vote on behalf of your users in the backend? How do you handle Tezos as an example.