Gamified E-Learning Platform For Blockchain Education

Project Description

E-LERN Introduction (name subject to change)

An online learning platform that provides blockchain development courses and interactive coding challenges to train the future developers of tomorrow.

E-LERN offers:

  • comprehensive learning materials,

  • coding challenges,

  • student developer community,

  • and a gamified e-learning experience that rewards student progress with digital assets as they navigate through course curriculums.

Motivation & Demand

The request of the community

Since the opening of the Devera ICON curriculum in 2019, the ICON community has constantly requested and expressed interest in learning from the program themselves by gaining access to Devera’s learning materials. Operating the program has been a learning experience for not only the students but for our team as well building an entire blockchain educational program from scratch. Now we have arrived at a point where our team feels more confident in availing the courses to the global blockchain and ICON community.

Cross-over appeal

Courses will be aimed at general blockchain technology to appeal and bring all potential developers to the platform for educational and certification purposes. With special focus on ICON this creates opportunities where those new developers can then be naturally exposed to development using ICON protocols and features while mastering their blockchain education. Additionally, other than general blockchain technology, this platform is able to serve as a library for ICX holders, P-Reps and ICON dApp developers interested in advancing their ICON knowledge specifically.

Sharing of learnt knowledge

Some of you may know that the ICONDAO team has spent the year working with ICON Foundation and ICONLoop to build the core technology underlying ICON 2.0 - BTP and the BTP dashboard. Using the experience of operating an ICON P-Rep team intimately involved in its network development, and the information gained in the 2 years of running ICON courses, seminars and workshops at Vietnam National University, our team is capable of curating and building an online learning platform that will allow any developer to begin contributing solutions for ICON network and the blockchain industry at large.

E-LERN Courses

E-LERN offers a wide range of IT disciplines that cover and complement blockchain technology; through Devera our team has already created curriculums for Mobile Development, Web Development, ICON Blockchain Development as ready-to-onboard courses and venturing into subjects such as Metaverse, Blockchain Game Development etc. The intention of expanding progressively to meet demand and reflect the changing industry.

In addition to learning materials, E-LERN’s lessons plans provide coding challenges for students to practice coding realtime that tests and grades their work progress.


A Gamified Learning Experience That Preempts A New ICON Battle Game

Planet GENNEX, home to humanoid species NEXII, is the interplanetary hub for all alien life forms. Diverse in its makeup, NEXII from all walks of life, culture and robotic enhancements, populate the small planet, forming it into a rich multifaceted ecosystem. For honor, opportunities and, most importantly, sweet ICX, NEXII take part in realtime battles in arenas against each other. This is a to-be-announced standalone game where holders of NEXII from the Planet GENNEX collection may bet and battle one-on-one in winner takes all tournaments. More information to be released post E-LERN launch

Using E-LERN To Learn and Gain PEXII NFTs

Within the Planet GENNEX world exists PEXII, animal companions to NEXII. The PEXII Collection is a collection of 10,000 generative animal-based pieces that are able to be unlocked by users as they progress in their education on the E-LERN platform. At the end of coding challenges and quizzes that test their progress, Users earn the individual Traits of a PEXII like pieces of a puzzle to be completed. These Traits can then be collected, assembled, and with the right combination unlock its respective PEXII NFT from the PEXII collection.

Why NFTs?

After research proved that online courses have a low retention rate of 5%, our team chose to reward the progress of students to incentivize continuous learning. Rather than simply gifting students cryptocurrency, we wanted to create a system that uniquely gamifies and tokenizes their learning experience and motivates them to work towards long-term goals rather than short-term yields.


  • easy entry into NFT market for students to immediately immerse themselves in blockchain technology

  • earning revenue by trading unlocked NFTs

  • encourages students to work towards long goals rather than fast money

What Cryptozombies did for Loom. But more?

In other words, our platform takes Loom’s popular learning platform, CryptoZombies, to the next level. Cryptozombie users were able to be naturally introduced to building on Loom network and seeing their progress grow with their zombies enhanced. Our platform improves on this model by actually allowing users to gain the characters they built through their progress. Using this method on this ICON equivalent platform, users from all across the blockchain spectrum get the chance to not only learn but trade and directly take part in an NFT economy based on ICON Network (with potential to expand to other spaces using BTP.)

E-LERN Forum

Discussion board and community for students to:

  • bounce ideas,

  • get help and hints on lessons,

  • discuss their progress,

  • chat

  • trade their Devera NFTs.

and otherwise grow together as developers.

E-LERN Target Market

  • Devera students,

  • online users interested in learning blockchain technology,

  • professionals interested in changing careers,

  • NFT enthusiasts looking to gain, buy and trade generative art in NFT marketplaces.

Milestones & Budget

Month 1

  • Planning

  • UX Design

Month 2

  • UI Design

  • Development

  • Content Creation

Month 3

  • Development

  • Content Creation

Month 4

  • Test

  • Deploy

We anticipate with adequate resource allocation, we can expect a full launch within 4 months. To achieve this in such a short time, we will be expending a great deal of human resources on app development and content creation for the courses, the budget of which is $121,000USD.

For transparency on the budget breakdown and timeline please visit:

The team
This project will be developed by the ICONDAO the p-rep development team leading the BTP Working Group and involved in prominent ICON projects such as BTP Nexus Dashboard, Optimus and BalancedDAO, among others.

Looking forward to hearing any thoughts or suggestions on the project. Thank you for your time.

This is a great initiative ! Hope this gets funded !


I hope this gets funded. I’ve always wanted to learn how to code but never had the motivation. This seems really fun!


Awesome, this is really needed. is an amazing tool that taught many noobies Solidity. ICON’s choice of Java, was to be easy for general developers to adapt to the crypto world. This is a great tool to help them onboard.


A platform like this is an excellent idea. I know I would use it for sure.


Unfortunately, I just saw a team reject this idea based upon the delivery time scale, rather than how it much it actually costs to produce such a game. It’s easy to spread costs over many months, but that’s lazy, I’d rather a p-rep team takes the full cost of a project and delivers in a quicker time.

Personally, I’ve had to direct friends to learn smart contracts and the concepts of blockchains from two other ecosystems gamefied learning applications.

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I am personally a big fan of this project. A lot of planning and thoughts have gone into the preparation of the project, and it makes sense for the team to improve learning outcomes using existing learning materials. Not only gamification encourages active participation, it also allows the ability to measure progress with visible evidence. This in turn motivates students further by the quantifiable progress they make.

It would be great if collaboration and interaction with other students would be part of learning (maybe it already is, I am not sure).

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is this content going to be freely available for anyone? or is this a platform that people would need to pay for the course to have access to it?


Hi, thanks for asking. The content will be freely available. FYI, Devera students in VNU also do not pay full price for their courses, they pay a deposit that is refunded upon completion of the course. In the same vein, the online platform will also be free for global users. With the current climate, it would be very difficult to encourage a lot of developers to move over to ICON if they have to pay, especially given how many other platforms have free online content for other blockchains.

This initiative is largely a non-profit initiative for ICON and blockchain education.


thanks for the reply!

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Thanks for your feedback! In terms of collaboration and interaction, do you mean a communication function? The platform will also host a developer forum for student discussions and developer community.

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Thanks for the feedback. We hope other P-Reps will take this into consideration. As we outlined in the breakdown there will be 13 people working on this project. We could have done less people and stretched it over multiple months. But as ICON Foundation stated in their Development Roadmap for December, BTP dashboard and ICON-Moonriver integration is almost complete. We would rather work at full capacity and get this tool out there asap so it may be available around the time of the launches when interest will be high among developers, rather than skimp on resources and release this later in the year.


Since blockchain is all about working together and not in silo, it would be great to have some sort of a ‘group project’ in a way that facilitates working across individuals/teams. But I suppose having a communication function is a first step towards that. It was just a thought :slight_smile:

Oh this is a great idea, believe it is doable. A way to group together and be able to do assignments…

Do you mind if I dm you to talk a bit more?

Sorry about the late reply. Sure, but I don’t know if I can add much. :slight_smile: