FutureICX v2.0 monthly report #1

Hey everyone! Although we have already completed several of those reports and a whole Grant successfully, there are so many things happening lately for us, that this update feels like a whole new experience.

Before we get into the juicy details of what we have been working on, we would like to express our gratitude to the Sharpn prep team. Although we would not be able to work together on FutureICX 2.0, we would like to thank them for the huge amount of help that we have received from them throughout the process of building our app so far. Their dedication and guidance have assisted the process greatly and we would not be where we are now if it werent for them. We would like to thank them for everything that they have done for us and we are sure that the ICON developer community will benefit a lot by their increased focus in that direction.

Having said that, lets get back to the topic that the ICONists reading this update are most interested in – what we have been working on for the past month and how will FutureICX improve because of that:

As FutureICX v2.0 will be our transition from a niche gamified trading app to a full-scale gamified trading platform, we are planning to upgrade multiple aspects of FutureICX in the forecoming months and to improve the user experience, player engagement and overall feel of the dApp to match the player base and image that we are aiming at.

1. Web UI/UX

We have been planning to improve the outlook and user friendliness of our app for quite a while and we believe that with the transition to FutureICX v2.0, this is the perfect time for us to do so.

We have done quite a bit of research on the existing trading applications on the market and have done our best to analyze and implement some of the best features that we were able to identify, while still doing that in our own way and keeping a certain personal style.

One of the big goals that we have for FutureICX v2.0 is to improve our user experience by re-working our current design into a more intuitive one, combining a minimalistic design with a better structured user interface, providing a better experience for new and veteran players alike. We have tried to do so by providing more accessible and concise information across the whole application and by carefully analyzing and improving the information flow for our users.

2. Mobile UI/UX

We believe that the part of the platform that was most due for an upgrade was its mobile interface.There are a lot of players that prefer to use their mobile device when they access FutureICX and we have set as one of our goals to cater for them better and make sure that their experience with the platform is improved.

We have done our best to create an interface that would be easy and intuitive to use and would shift the players’ focus from making the app’s design work for them to having as much fun as possible while making gains with FutureICX on the go.

3. Crypto Duels (new game)

The first game on our list that we are working on setting up is Crypto Duels. It is a fun, player vs player, 1vs1 game where you are looking to outsmart your opponent by strategically matching crypto pairs from a custom built crypto bag against the ones in that your opponent has selected. It is a game where not only your trading skill matters, as your adaptivity and ability to strategize could easily turn the tides of the battle.

The goal of the game is to build a crypto bag of 5 pairs and to have as many of the crypto pairs that you have selected, outperform their respective matched counterpart in the opponent’s bag. It will have multiple resolution timeframe periods, allowing each player to either rely on their adaptive market reading skills and have game as quick as 5 minutes or go for a well planned, thoroughly analyzed TA backed option where the resolution will take hours or a full day

The game has a very strategic and mind game oriented playthrough. It is played in rounds where players take turns to ban crypto pairs from their opponent’s potential bag, manage their own selections and match each of the opponent’s chosen crypto pairs with a pair of their own, aiming to nullify the stronger picks in the other player’s bag, while putting their own on top.

4. Future plans

In the forecoming month we are hoping to be able to finalize and implement all changes related to the improved design and user interface of FutureICX. While we still have a lot of things planned in the pipeline, this will mark the start of the new FutureICX 2.0 experience and will mark the new chapter in our platform’s progress. We have quite a few surprises and quality-of-life changes along the way so we can confidently say that FutureICX is just getting its journey started.

We are planning a release of Crypto Duels before the end of next month and we are hoping for a steady rate of release of at least one new game and improved functionalities on a monthly basis until the end of the Grant project.

We hope that with the community’s feedback and support we would be able to provide a gamified trading platform of a very high quality, where everyone can have fun, apply and improve their trading skills and make good consistent gains in the process.


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