FutureICX Report #2

Another month has passed, and we continue to work hard on our price prediction game, FutureICX. The past month has presented more significant challenges for our app (or it may be our perfectionism that is kicking in) but a few major overhauls we were able to move into a direction that we are happy with.

1. UI/UX
In the past month we have started making the transition from a conceptualized product to a real-world one. We were able to transition the prototype that we have presented last month into a WebApp, made the necessary adjustments so it doesn’t lose its practicality nor the visual aesthetic and have set up some additional features on top of the existing design

2. Storytelling
Our EYEcons have been quite busy during this past period. In that time, they have added some of their friends to the lineup so the options for different player avatars has increased even more. They have also been assigned to provide further info on some of the app’s sections and the general tutorial of FutureICX

3. Score development
Since the last development update, the development of the FutureICX SCORE has already started! During this month, we have set the app’s foundations - the contracts and their interactions. As FutureICX has a pretty complex reward system, each separate functionality took rigorous testing so we can ensure that its done properly. Although we are still working on some parts of the Score, a lot of the app’s functionalities are already active and ready to use, including: prediction placing, rewards calculations, dividend points calculation, point decay, affiliation, dividend distribution etc…

4. WebApp development
By moving from the conceptual prototype to our WebApp platform, the important thing for us was to tie up correctly the visual concept, the UI, and the completed functions of the Score. We did our best to provide proper interactions for all Score functionalities that we have already finished and tested. In order to complete the circle and provide to each player a complete (although still missing some functions and/or options) experience even at this stage, we have added Iconex login/logout options, so everyone can create their own profile, and ‘History’ and notification systems so players can keep track of their past and current predictions

5. Early Alpha demo
As no matter how many or how rigorous tests we perform, they will all be very one-sided if we don’t account the user experience in our app building, we have decided to provide a demo of the app in which the players can experience the basic functions of the app, have some fun with it and simultaneously with that to provide us with feedback of their experience. This way we can ensure that what they will receive in the final product will be as close as possible to their preferences and needs

We will provide a link with the demo login details in this thread in one of the next few days and with it we welcome anyone that would like to try an early version of our app out.

6. Future plans
In our last month of development (FutureICX is planned for release at the end of June 2020), we are planning to completely finalize the development of the app, to implement the remaining score and WebApp functionalities, to set up the mobile UI, conclude the tests done on Testnet and move on to Mainnet by setting up a decentralized oracle solution in order to ensure fair and accurate results.

We will also work on setting up the player profiles and the respective social and affiliate options for them so players can connect with other members of the community.

The Future is close (a month away)! Lets experience it together! :blush:


Thank you for the great update!


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As we have promised, the FutureICX demo is already live (we have decided to put it in a new post so we dont spam the project update thread) :slight_smile: