FutureICX final Grant report

Hi everyone! As most of you are probably aware, our gamified trading app FutureICX is already live and that means that it’s time for our final report! The creation of our Dapp was an amazing journey and we are ecstatic to finally present our work to the Iconists – we really hope that this is a product that you will like, have fun and of course make good money with.

The development of FutureICX was really an amazing process with a lot of ups and downs. We believe that our Dapp has evolved a lot in the process and we hope that we were able to reach a state where its closer to what our players want and need

  1. User interface

For the past months we have been able to significantly improve our early design prototypes. The functionalities are clearer, the design flow is better, and we have done everything possible to iron out every single little detail that might affect our players’ experience
In order to make sure that the changes that we are making are what the players actually want, we have set up a demo and organized a subsidized feedback event where our future players could try out the app, give us some feedback about what they like and don’t like and get rewarded for the time that they have spent on assisting us to get better.
The event was a huge success and we have gathered a lot of valuable feedback from it that we have used to improve our platform
At the current moment we hope that we were able to build a light and user-friendly experience for our players, but we continue to welcome any feedback, no matter if positive or negative so we can improve FutureICX even further

2. Reward Structure

FutureICX has evolved significantly from what we have initially planned. We have revised our reward system numerous times, we have done large scale simulations to ensure that the balance of the rewards is correctly set and we have changed several times some of the integral rules and connections of the core app elements, so every single aspect of the players’ performance is rewarded properly.
The result is a flexible system where players can approach their predictions according to their own playstyle and via a lot of different plans of action and thus maximizing their profit by an alternative approach. We believe that the current system is incredibly open to different strategies and approaches and we are eager to see what our players would be able to come up with

  1. Statistics and reporting

There are many data and numbers-oriented players and we have tried to cater to them to the best of our abilities. We have done our best to show an extensive amount of information about the app and the respective player’s statistics to everyone willing to follow it. We provide each result or allocated reward in a detailed and transparent way so our players could decide on or re-evaluate their strategy and optimize their returns

  1. Rules, information, and players onboarding

Its important to us that our players understand each aspect of FutureICX, know the details and intricacies of the app structure and plan accurately on what the best ways to maximize their gains are. For that reason, we have designed a our Help section, the theoretical part of the app where the users can understand in-depth the way a part of the system or FutureICX in general works. For our new players we have set up a tutorial, explaining in a short way the most basic functionalities of the app and have provided examples and extended breakdowns of the stats wherever it seemed suitable to do so

  1. Social interactions and referral acquisition

The social aspects are some of the most important ones for any type of app. And while there is always room to improve in that regard and we have already planned some future extensions of the social elements of FutureICX, we believe that we were able to set a good system where the players can interact, discuss strategies or brag about their achievements with other players. The players can interact via our in-app chat (linked to our Telegram channel), can share their thoughts, stats, rewards, or predictions to their followers internally through the app feed or on social media.
With our ‘Play together – win together’ affiliate system each of your friends that you invite to FutureICX generates extra gains for you with every prediction that they make without being penalized for that in any way.

  1. Technical integrations and transparency

We have known from the beginning that in order to provide to our players a pleasant and fun experience, we would need to make sure that while using FutureICX they do so with ease and peace of mind
That is why we have gone the extra mile and are able to provide mobile support, mobile wallet integration and Ledger wallet integration on release. The transactions, results and rewards in the app are tracked and provided in a decentralized way (Icon tracker, decentralized ICX oracle – Hylian) so our users have no concerns over the fairness and reliability of our Dapp.

  1. Collaboration

We are incredibly grateful to all the amazing teams and Iconists that we were able to work with in the process. The Icon community is an utterly amazing one and we could not have done all this without your help

  1. Future plans

Although the release of our Dapp signifies the end of our Grant project and even though our current focus is a stable release for FutureICX, we have a lot of exciting stuff planned for the future.
Aside from adding additional trading pairs (which we will do as soon as we have a sufficient player base to do so), we have already started making plans for some additional trading games, some system and UI upgrades, additional functionalities and we are even considering the implementation of different crypto payment options.

Hopefully, everything will go well, and we will be able to provide an even greater experience for our players. In the meantime – enjoy this amazing FutureICX promo video (courtecy of the Hola Icon prep team), don’t forget to take advantage of our Launch event pool boost, good luck and we will see you all in FutureICX!


Review Result Comments

Review Result


Review Comments

Thank you for completing your project and we are excited for your success. We appreciate direct contributions to our KPIs and look forward to the growth.


Thank you @Bongan!

We are very grateful to the Foundation and the Iconation team for providing this opportunity to realize our project! We are very happy that we able to justify your trust in us and will continue developing FutureICX even further!