FutureICX feedback contest results

Hey everybody! We have finally been able to compile the feedback results – it turned out to be a more difficult task than what we have imagined, so thank you all for the patience!

In this post we will try to summarize the feedback and give you insight on the suggested improvements that we would be able to implement and the ones that we will have to postpone or re-assess on a later stage. At the end of the post we will also list the winners from our feedback contest. We have tried to summarize the feedback as much as possible but at the same time we wanted the players to see the response to the feedback that they gave, so we apologize in advance for the long post.

Suggested improvements that are already in the works and/or enquiries that we have already the answer to:

  • There are no clear indicators of the predicted position after it is placed

Unfortunately due to the stage that the app was in at the moment that we have released the demo, we were not able to implement those. In the final version we aim for the player’s placed position to be indicated on the chart, the history and feed fields will give more accurate details and the notifications will be better organized. There could also be some design changes to make the process even more intuitive

  • Show in more detail (add filters) of the placed predictions in the ‘History’ section

This is already in the works, the prediction section be more detailed and will have filters upon release

  • Some notifications are not hiding or are with incorrect timing

We are aware of this issue and it was already resolved in the next product version

  • Show a sum of all icx placed on predictions over a specific period (week, month…) and implement an option for everyone to set a limit on how much they spend in a week or month

In the final version in the ‘Profile’ section of the app there will be personalized lifetime statistics and different filters that can be applied to get your personal stats for a specific period.

Unfortunately we do not plan on implementing such limit purely because we feel that the gambling element of the app should be very low (the app is much closer to trading apps than gambling and limiting the traders’ options to trade does not make a lot of sense). Keep in mind that the final version will have only daily and weekly predictions, so it should be quite easy for everyone to set their personal limit if they would like to

  • Implement rewards for the best players

This is exactly what the ‘weekly awards’ and ‘monthly awards’ will do. The best players will be picked according to preset criteria, will be announced and will receive ICX rewards depending on their achievement.

  • The chart has no indicators, at least some simple ones like MACD should be set

The chart at its current form is actually a direct implementation of a TradingView widget and as such, you are able to add any of the indicators that you would like on your own (just hover over the trading pair, click the three dots and press ‘add indicator’). We did not add the indicators as default to keep the app lighter and also because everyone uses different indicators, however everyone is free to add the ones that they prefer

  • The entries in the feed are too big, preferably the entries will be smaller and with more info included

We agree and we are already working on this

  • Can an option be added for the right panel (feed/chat) to be hidden?

Yes. We have such option already implemented in the next product version

Improvements/Enquiries that we are currently looking into:

  • A bug where the right axis on the chart is not visible

We are still not able to identify where does this issue come from as it occurs on a rare basis with only a few of the players and does not seem to be consistent in regard to resolution or setup.

  • The app is inaccessible from Indonesian IPs

We do not have any IP restrictions on the demo, so we are looking into this problem as well

  • An option to integrate several wallets into the same account

The app is currently set up to link each wallet to a separate user. We understand that being able to use several wallets in your account is important though and will try to add this option for the full version release

  • The feed should not show all player’s predictions

We are currently looking into the available options to bring the best immersion to the user, however, since the DApp is decentralized and working with a Smart Contract, all the predictions data will be public anyway ( a bit like a decentralized exchange), so we are still on the fence whether to leave all predictions in the feed, have only your personal/friends’ circle info in it or have an option to select one of them

  • The Rules section is difficult to recognize as a FAQ/Help section

We will try to change the name of the section to something that is more intuitive

  • The example values in the prediction fields should be in a more transparent font and the values should be removed when the field is clicked on

This is something that we were considering as well. We will make changes to those fields in the final version

  • Can the placed prediction be grouped up with its result in the History tab so its easier to follow the placed predictions?

We are currently looking into that option and we are confident that we will be able to provide this option

  • Night mode looks great, but the Day mode is too bright

We will either switch the Day mode color scheme to remove the mode switch altogether (and leave the side in its Night mode palette) in the final version, so a solution to that will be presented either way

  • Can a badge and rank system be implemented

We are discussing the option to enhance this system in the future with badge and rank system (with possible additional benefits to each rank), but even if we decide to go for such options, we will definitely not be able to implement something like that close to launch

  • Set an option for feed entries to be pinned and/or closed

We cannot honestly see the benefit of this option but in case that it is a requested one, it should not be difficult to add. We will wait and see the feedback from our final version (as there would be some changes to the feed field anyway) and if players still feel that this option is needed, we will add it

  • Add additional pairs and crypto payment options

FutureICX will be released with predictions on the ICX/USD trading pair and ICX trading options. We are looking into setting up different trading pair and crypto payment options, however for the trading pairs we would like to be certain first than we have enough players, so we don’t split the player base further.

In terms of different crypto payment options, we are still looking into the possible ways to add them, however this is not an easy task and definitely will not be achievable close to release

Suggested improvements that we are not planning to change/work on for the moment:

  • An alert if a prediction for the selected period is already made

As in the final version the predictions will be in daily and weekly periods, they should be quite easy to track. We do not feel that this would be a viable option as we would still like the players to have an option to place an alternative prediction in case of a sudden shift in the market after their first prediction was placed

  • Force 4 digits after the decimal point on the prediction field

Our approach with FutureICX is to let the users to freely pick their predictions. For technical details, the DApp is actually converting the submitted USD price to Loops needed to reach 1$ ( 1 ICX= (10**18) Loop ) so users can basically submit the precision they want themselves by calling the SCORE on their own. For an optimal UX, we decided to put 4 decimals as an example on the User Interface but you’ll be able to submit any decimals you want

  • Show the % difference between the live price and the entered amount in the prediction field before its placed

Such option would make the app heavier (because of the frequent price quotes) and we do not think that the potential value that the players will get from it is so significant to outweigh that

  • An option for the chart to pop-up and be moved around the screen

The chart is merely intended as a guide for the coin’s recent performance. As the chart is directly implemented from TradingView, the more optimal version (and the more UX friendly one) for someone to do this should be to simply open TradingView in a separate window. We are still looking into the user-friendly ways to set something like that up, but for the moment we are more inclined to think that it wont be set up in the near future

  • Will a token be introduced for FutureICX

We are not planning to introduce a token for FutureICX. We understand that people are very excited by the amazing work done by the Iconbet team and would like more options like that, however we do not think that a token would be a good choice for our current system. Our dividends are operating on a points-based system that is with expanding decay on a weekly basis, so the points generated in one week would correspond to a certain value, on the next one their value will be lower because of the weekly decay. That will make the setup of such coin very difficult and it would just be confusing for the people that trade it

We hope that we were able to cover everyone’s enquiries and suggestions. If you would like further clarification on any of the feedback topics, have further questions or would simply like to discuss FutureICX’s plans and structure with me, feel free to drop me a message at @nblaze here or on Telegram

And now for the moment that a lot of you have been waiting for – the winners from the feedback contest. They were so difficult for us to pick because of all the amazing feedback that we have received, but in the end we have decided that the following players were the ones that really stood out:

The players that win 100 ICX are:

Fouz (hx7ace15bad7aff72b721d0b8109272d66b607dcca)

MischObst (hx4294b5508ee08d20dd19df0c4618cb793e97cbe7)

Icon feed back (hx0cbab3b5a0845ce80119c98ba555ea30878bb599)

ICONBoy (hxc37842ddbf2a9b5e552abd341fad0668388cfa3e)

Shubham (hxadc0a531e70b1742c7b0235e1504b7864e1fe6d5)

As there were so many great responses, we have also decided as a sign of appreciation to give a 50 ICX prize to all other players that used our app to give us feedback! The prizes will be sent to all winners’ wallets (the ones that they have used to register to FutureICX) by the end of the day. Thank you all for participating and congratulations to the winners!


Thanks again for another exemplary update. Great job Icon Community in helping out the FutureICX team.

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