Fullstack Engineer looking to contribute to projects


I am looking to contribute to projects on a part time basis for ICX or pro bono. I am a full stack engineer based in Silicon Valley who has specialized in JS technologies such as Node.js and React.js. I am also experienced in designing and scaling out production quality microservices/APIs. Most of my patents are in UI but there are a couple in designing backend systems. I have also worked with dev-ops tooling such as Ansible, Jenkins, Docker, and Kubernetes.

I am willing to take ICX as payment. Depending on certain factors, I might be willing to work for free. Such factors would include whether the project is open sourced and has garnered community interest. Time and effort would also be another factor.

Disclaimer: I run my own node ICON Chicago (self-voted).
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Avi_Patel91
Email: avi@iconchicago.info




Hey Avi,

Thanks for sharing! Do you have any a portfolio of apps or websites you’ve created in the past? Feel free to reach out to me on Telegram - @bwhli as well.


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Thanks for taking the time to reach out.

Instead of working for free, I would suggest working with current top P-Reps and you should definitely get PAID for your work. Then, you should use that ICX payment to self-delegate and move your way up the P-Rep ranks.


DM a demo vid of my work on Telegram.
The work isn’t public facing since it is installed on-prem and used internally with enterprise customers,
but I can provide a demo vid.
For anyone else that wants to see my work, let me know and I will send you the link to the video.

Ahh, good thinking. I was aiming to stake the payments. Thanks for the advice!


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Hello Avi!

Good to hear from you. Haven’t spoken since consensus planning (shame that fell through but corona took out lots of things). Send you a message on twitter (feel free to reach out to @thelionshire on TG as well). I saw Brian rescued out first, and I respect that.